Saturday, April 7, 2007

"Buying a House? Wait for a while!"

Every body who is looking around to book a flat in Pune, desperately wants to read this kind of a 'head line'. It sounds great! Isn't it? That is what 'head lines' are all about. But when you read the complete news, you realize that there is no point in waiting at all!

Particularly for you who want to book a flat in Pune,
Gulam Zia, national director for advisory services, Knight Frank (India) Pvt Ltd, is suggesting not to wait at all! In an hour-long chat on on Thursday, April 5, he says "We can expect prices melting down in a few months"! Now, when you read these words, particularly when temperature is going above 40 degrees, what you see is a plate of melting slice of ice cream! But you know this is real estate. Here 'melting down' means, prices coming down by.... how much? What is your guess? 10% or 13%!

Wait, before you make any guesses, see what he says about Pune Real Estate Market in particular. "The
prices are still in the affordable range unlike say Mumbai, Delhi, etc." So be happy! Or does it mean that, since the price is still affordable it will not come down or what? But don't be sad, according to him, "You will still find good deals to invest in specially in the areas near upcoming IT destinations." (Aundh, Nagar Road, Hadapsar)

Now, tell me, should we wait? or go ahead and book right now!

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