Monday, April 30, 2007

How to get PageRank 7 for my Pune Real Estate Blog?

Desperate Blogger:
I didn't believe what i saw on my Google Firefox Toolbar. I opened my Pune Real Estate blog and for the first time in my life that PageRank window was not empty. There was some green color in it! I was tempted to touch the cursor and check the page rank. I do it every time. Even when i know very well the exact page rank of the blog. Lately, i am sort of obsessed with it. But who is not?

My PageRank3!
But this time, i didn't dare to do it. I just closed my browser! Got out of the chair. Went to the fridge and gulped down a glass of cold water. Came back and opened the browser and logged on to my Pune Real Estate blog. Yes, this time too, there was some green color in the page rank window. Now i couldn't hold myself back. I checked it. Yes! It was there. I read it very loudly, "PageRank is Google's view of the importance of this page (3/10)"

PR Tool and Toolbar!
I took the cursor away and it vanished. Again i touched it. It was there! " PageRank is Google's view of the importance of this page...." i went on reading. I did it again and again. Touched the tool bar. Read the statement. Oh! what an experience. Even you can do it if you are using Firefox Google Tool bar with page rank. If you don't have download it here, on my Pune Real Estate blog - Yes, i can encourage you! (of course, you can see my 'prchecker' button on the side column) I never felt so proud of myself before! Sorry, i felt it once. When my kinder garden teacher praised my hand writing and gave me the permission to use the fountain pen!

I don't know, how many times i checked it again and again or was i reading loudly or shouting? My dear dog, Don didn't take it in the right spirit and started barking at me. This disturbed my wife's sleep. She cried from the bedroom, "come to me or go out with the dog but shut that damn computer off." I had to stop feeling proud of myself. But i preferred to take the dog out for a walk.

Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts: Web gurus!
While walking i realized that to improve my Pune Real Estate blog's ranking, first thing i have to do is get rid of this dog. Dogs are of no use. Even Danny Sullivan didn't blog about his dog, Daisy, till this month. I will Google for some one like Emmy, who loves blogging. Who will sleep on my chest when i am blogging. Even some one like Ozzie, Matt's other cat, will also do. Or should i go for 'googlebot'? According to the poll 225 out of 1023 people have it as a pet!

As i went on thinking, i realized it is a very serious issue. But getting a 21K+ rss subscriber's and page rank 7/10 may be difficult but not impossible target for my Pune Real Estate Blog!

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