Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pune/L.A./NY: Real Estate Agent has to deal with Saddam, Batman, Lawn Jockey and 1Bathroom House.....and what not!

  1. "Americans have decided that we like a private bathroom for ourselves and another bathroom for our guests and children. " So 1 Bathroom houses from 1970 and earlier have become obsolete! From Virginia Real Estate Settlement Service. Their 'Home Owner's Manual' has very useful tips.
  2. "What to do with Monuments in Iraq?" Mr. Al Brophy says," The same monument may mean very different things to different people" (!) His blog 'PropertyProf Blog' is a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network.
  3. "Like living in Times Square West" claims the ad of 'Sky Lofts', a real estate project in Los Angeles!
  4. "April Fool!" Read this and you will come to know why Mr.Tim O'Keefe (Real Estate Marketing Blog) is called the guru of online real estate marketing.
  5. "Holy Smokes, Batman, That Was Fast!" within 3 hours after the publishing the blog post, from no ranking '3Ocean Real Estate' blog becomes number 14 on Google! Congrats Mr.Kevin Boer!
  6. Advice to home sellers? Mr. Al Brophy, ProperyProf Blog, raises a question about the advice to 'de-black' homes while selling by removing pictures, books and even poster of Martin Luther King. He also talks about 'Lawn Jockey' - symbol of white supremacy or tribute to faithful slaves?

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