Saturday, April 7, 2007

Welcome to Bill Gates' digital home!

Flat is not only a bunch of rooms but a place for people to live ; which is called 'home' is very well accepted by one and all at least in Pune Real Estate Market. Particularly by builders and architects! So now on, all of us are going to focus on making a suitable living space. Yes, built up area, fsi, tdr and all are legally and commercially important but focus of the planning is human beings who are going to live happy family life in it. Naturally, people are booking fast, paying premium price and new projects are sold out in no time.

But are we really going to enjoy living our life on this planet in these homes? Some times, i not only wonder but start worrying about. Particularly when i read what has happened at Consumer Electronic Show this year as well as last year.

Most dangerous is that fellow who is actually on the way of retiring from business but still we have to watch his moves. We all know and admire him. His softwares made that box on our office table very useful for some time. But since the web has come it has lost it's charm. So this fellow is now trying to come in to our homes. First he tried to make a toy on which we can play some games. 'Good fun!' we said and let him in. But now he is planning to take a control of our entire home!

In this year's show he actually showed a mock up of his Bedroom which has multi wall size screens for multitasking! I fully agree with Mr. Nicholas Carr about the impending danger. From the time we get out of the bed till we go back to the bed, this fellow wants us to use, play and work with software. If we go on fiddling with software day in and day out like this what will happen is we will start living in geeks paradise but loose touch with family members and fellow human beings. We will be trapped in the box in our own homes! If you think i am over exaggerating try to discuss this with your wife when she is watching Ekata Kapur's serial. He knows we are quite prone to get hooked to the box and lose touch with reality.

As a real estate professional i wish you happy 'family life' and not a digital life. But how does he live? I was very much curious to know. Thanks to Mr. Amit Agarwal, he has very good post "Inside Bill Gates House- Pictures of Bill Gates Home" Have a look!

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