Saturday, April 7, 2007

When you book a flat in Pune, do not even think of negotiating car parking charges!

A Great thing about Pune Real Estate market is, we charge very less for reserved car parking! In the last couple of years practically all good projects have podium parking or basement parking. Provision for one car park per flat is not enough any more, ideally there has to be minimum provision for two car parks per flat! This is substantially increasing the cost of construction. While booking a flat, you know parking becomes a big issue. Naturally, you are tempted to negotiate about charges as well as location. But before you think of doing that, please consider "the full social cost" your car and even your two wheeler is imposing on the economy!

Mr. Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar has written a great article "The Hidden Social Cost of Vehicles" in the Times of India. Mr. Swaminathan is not among those who want cars to be abolished and replaced entirely by buses and trams. He believes in the 'freedom to travel where and when we want to' but referring to 'The Center of Science and Environment' he says, "This freedom imposes a wide array of hidden costs on a city economy, and car-owners should pay these costs in full. Otherwise we will be subsidizing pollution, fuel adulteration, congestion, respiratory disease, and the disappearance of green spaces."

After reading his article, i am sure, you will be more than happy to pay
car park charges!

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