Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Orchid - 2 bhk designer apartments on Google pages!

Orchid is an exclusive residential project at PimpleSaudagar. In Pune, PimpleSaudagar is called 'Aundh Annex.' Because it is just 3 kms from Parihar Chowk, main square of Aundh. IT professionals working in the software technology parks at Hinjewadi prefer to stay in this area.

Nice Home in Good Neighborhood!

PimpleSaudagar is developing into a somewhat laid back, a little aloof but complete neighborhood.
Orchid is a stand alone single building in this neighborhood. Naturally focus is on the planning. I am sure, those who give more importance to the lifestyle will appreciate it very much. I am tempted to tell you more about it but i will not! Why? Because you can visit the web site. Orchid has its own website on Google pages!

Amazingly Powerful with Awesome Simplicity!

I am totally impressed with Google pages. I always thought Google pages are not for professionals. But while working on Orchid i visited lot of websites. Then i realized the awesome simplicity and amazing power of Google pages. They are not at all for 'amateurs' but very effective marketing tool for professionals! Plus every site has by default optimized mobile edition! Why don't you visit 'rami mawas'? You will get a good idea about Google pages.

Web Marketing Story:

Good project, great location, all net savvy and GPRS enabled customers and effective marketing tool is going to make 'Marketing of Orchid' an exiting experience! Keep on visiting regularly. If you are planning to buy a property in Pune, please read this post:
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  1. I wonder if this Orchid was built already. It seems a good apartment and I would like to asked how much the cost of each apartment anyway?. It looks great and amazing and upon reading your posts I have find some useful links again.

  2. Google is becoming more n more efficient day by day. Specially its map feature.