Friday, June 8, 2007

Available...Ready Possession Flats Available....!

Honeymoon is over!

In the last four years, i have never seen this kind of a banner anywhere in Aundh annex. I took a vacation from blogging only for a couple of weeks but lot of things have changed. First, let me take a quick stock of things and then we will get down to business.

Why are you all so naughty?

Why flats are available "Ready Possession"? Yes, because they are not booked! But why are they not booked? Is it because of the over supply? or they were not worth "Booking"? Has anybody been there? Please, tell me what do you think. The other day, a sales person from that project told me, "customers are very naughty, when we didn't have anything in ready possession they wanted ready possession. Now when we have, they say we are ready to wait, we want under construction!"


  1. :). Really an interesting blog. Waiting for such offers in my own city too. ;)

  2. Just provide some brief information about this kind of flat in all over india.