Friday, July 6, 2007

Now, making "Our Pune" better is in our hands!

Be Better Punekar

Yes, Pune Municipal Corporation and Citzen's Empowerment Forum have come together and launched a website . Now, it is in our hands to put it to good use. Instead of only complaining and blaming about the condition of the roads, this monsoon, you can take an initiative to keep them in good condition. On this website, you can report and track your observations regarding the condition of the roads. I am giving a link to this website in the sidebar. Please, report and contribute to make 'Our Pune' a better place to live in.

Mechanism for Betterment

"How my reporting is going to make things better?" "Ravi, has lost touch with the reality or what!" You must be wondering. You may have gone into flash back. Memories of last monsoon may have brought a cynical smile on your face. You may have started getting a little bit angry with me. But wait. Read the complete news on "Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog". Look, Municipal Commissioner of Pune has a plan of action.
1) When you register your complaint on the website, in 'real time', it will be forwarded to the concerned junior engineer and contractor via 'sms'.
2) In the next 72 hours, action will be taken on your complaint.
3) If your complaint is not attended to, 'this matter' will be informed to the head of the concerned department.
4) You and Citizen's Empowerment Forum will constantly monitor the website and keep track of the progress of the work.

Be a Proactive Punekar

Now the ball is in our court. Be proactive. Whenever you see a 'manhole rising', a 'pothole' or 'storm water logging'log on to, register your complaint and keep track of the progress. Come on, make things happen. Making "Our Pune" better is in our hands.

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