Monday, October 1, 2007

Didn't i tell you it is very much possible to manufature a car in one lakh rupees? See, Ratan Tata has almost done it!

Next September Ratan Tata's 1 lakh Rupees car will be in the showroom. It is a top secret but every body knows it. I myself read it in The Economic Times. Do you know what Ratan Tata has done? Cost cutting and saving! See, how easy it is! You know, even his suppliers are charging him less. All this is possible because cars are made in the factory in big numbers! His suppliers are going to earn on the volume!

Not only that, he is not using some parts at all. For example, gears! His car will be without gear! There will be an engine but not where it generally is. It will be at the back in place of the dickey, directly on the rear wheels! For body panels, Tata is using steel of low-gauge!

You may be wondering about performance, engine power and speed! Do not worry at all because one of the vendor who is working on Ratan Tata's car said, "“It will be a light-weight vehicle with a frugal engine. In terms of fuel-efficiency, the car has been benchmarked with upper-end motorcycles,”

Now tell me, when your suppliers are ready to charge you less, when your suppliers develop special parts for you, when you can use cost effective materials, when you can do without some parts and save a lot and over and above when you can produce the same thing on the assembly line in big numbers isn't it easy to manufacture a car in one lakh!

Remember all this and repeat it loudly if you lose the control of your mind and are tempted to ask "why should I pay one and half lakh rupees for the car park?"

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  1. I think that car is very suitable for small family which is not affordable the high range car cost.This car will be more effective which is very cheapest rates.