Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pune Municipal Corporation launches a drive against vehicles parked in no-parking zones

No parking sign, originally uploaded by niallkennedy.

The nuisance detection squad and traffic wardens will take action against such vehicles by fixing jammers to immobilize them. The vehicle will be shifted to a nearby ward office if the owner fails to reach the spot within 2 hours.

1. Owners who leave their cars in no-parking zones with the driver seated in the vehicles will not be spared.

2. The fines: Two-wheelers: Rs 100
Four-wheelers (cars and jeeps), rickshaws, small tempos: Rs 500
Big tempos, trucks and tourist vehicles (heavy vehicles): Rs 2,000

3. No Parking: All vehicles parked in any chowk of the main city roads and within 15 metres from the chowk will be penalised.

4. No Parking: Vehicles parked in no-parking areas in front of commercial complexes and near bus stops.

5. No Parking: Vehicles parked within 200 metres of state transport bus stands and Pune railway station.

Happy Diwali!
(I am not wishing you.)


  1. I am old Punekar living in the US for a long time. I am in the process of demolishing our old bungalow and building a new one on the plot. In this connection, I would like to know what is "demarcation permit"? Who issues it? My architect is having problem getting it. The plot is in a co-op housing society and was owned by my father who has passed away. Thanks.

  2. Sorry hmanka, i am not an authority on corporation building laws. Your architect can tell you more about the demarcation of your plot in the co-op soc and getting permit from the corporation.