Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Will better City-Village Links make affordable Housing available?

Pune’s guardian minister Ajit Pawar :
What an idea sir-ji!

Strengthening the road and rail network between the fringe areas and Pune city is one of the best ways to make affordable housing available to the lower and middle income groups, Pune’s guardian minister Ajit Pawar has said.

If the travel time between fringe villages like Urali Kanchan and Velhe to the city was reduced to less than 30 minutes, citizens would prefer to purchase affordable properties in these villages, he added.

Resident Editor, The Times of India, Pune
wants to know your views ! :

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Honorable Guardian Minister-ji of Old Pune :

1. Budget: Thanks! It is very kind of you. But sir, first, please, define exactly what do you mean by "Lower and Middle Income Group"! I have heard, in Delhi the flats in the budget range of 30 to 40 lakhs are considers as low income group accommodation. In Pune situation is not much different. Budget of 2 bhk flat is around 30 lakhs! So, please, tell me what kind of budget you have in mind when you say housing for low and middle income group.

2. Rate : Sir, please, let me know if there is any pre-launching special offer!

Please, get out of Pune

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I admire Mr. Ajit Pawar for his "original" ideas. For example, "New Pune"! What an idea Sir-ji!

Somebody told me, not only real estate but mobile service providers also takes his advice. Yes, Reliance, Adity Birla Group, everybody. You must have seen Idea cellulars' new TV commercial, "nobody will be known by his (cast)name". Who's idea is it? What an idea sir-ji!

But, sir-ji, this is not your "original" idea. Chief Minister of Maharashtra... (better i write the name of the CM, who knows whether he will be there till i push and publish this blog!).... Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh, has already told us "get out" when he declared his scheme to let the builder buy and own hundreds of acres of agriculture land near city. But now a days, all of us pay attention only to his son, Riteish Deshmukh! So we failed to take a notice what chief minister had said.

But in your case, your followers in Pimpri Chinchwad may not follow you but media follows you without fail! Sir, we, citizens of Pune, are intelligent enough to understand what do you really mean when you suggest this. You want to say "Get out of Pune if you can not purchase a flat for 30 lakhs of rupees."

It is very kind of you to say so politely! You are a true guardian. Very caring! Thanks!!

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  1. if there is all necessary resources available in ur property so it is affordable for every one.