Friday, May 4, 2007

Top SEO secret every blogger wants to know!

Simple idea!

I started this Pune Real Estate Blog with a very simple idea:
1) I wanted to keep in touch with my clients even after the particular transaction is over.
2) I wished to become available to my clients whenever they need any kind of service and/or advice.
3) I wanted to share my and my client's experience and knowledge with the first time home buyers in Pune.

Complex SEO!

First thing i realized that i have to do search engine optimization to achieve my goal. I have to make my blog easily available and accessible to my clients. Fortunately, there is a lot of information and help available on the net about SEO. So i went on exploring it.

But as i went on reading about SEO, it only confused me and convinced me that i can't do it on my own. I also realized why there are so many people who make a career out of it! I was more than sure about the success of my blog when i happened to read Mike Carter on "Web or Dead SEO Blog".

Result is, i am not only on the web but in top 10 on Google and my PR is 3! Thanks! Mike because of you, now my clients can read my blog and things have started happening!

Gentleman and his girl friend!

Though Mike Carter is a professional SEO consultant, he is a perfect gentleman. He did not abuse me with his knowledge and expertise. He never claimed he has any supernatural powers. He did not convinced me that SEO is any kind of a trick or magic.

Mike only gave me a simple advice. Yes, he gave me free advice. He told me Google is his girl friend. If i behave like a gentleman Google could become my friend too! Once in a while, i can flirt with her but i should never treat her like i treat my wife!

Mike, now not only Pune Real Estate Market but even my wife is very thankful to you. I wish every blogger should have a friend, philosopher and guide like you!

P. S. Mike, i even convinced my associates to create a website of our new project on Google pages!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Orchid - 2 bhk designer apartments on Google pages!

Orchid is an exclusive residential project at PimpleSaudagar. In Pune, PimpleSaudagar is called 'Aundh Annex.' Because it is just 3 kms from Parihar Chowk, main square of Aundh. IT professionals working in the software technology parks at Hinjewadi prefer to stay in this area.

Nice Home in Good Neighborhood!

PimpleSaudagar is developing into a somewhat laid back, a little aloof but complete neighborhood.
Orchid is a stand alone single building in this neighborhood. Naturally focus is on the planning. I am sure, those who give more importance to the lifestyle will appreciate it very much. I am tempted to tell you more about it but i will not! Why? Because you can visit the web site. Orchid has its own website on Google pages!

Amazingly Powerful with Awesome Simplicity!

I am totally impressed with Google pages. I always thought Google pages are not for professionals. But while working on Orchid i visited lot of websites. Then i realized the awesome simplicity and amazing power of Google pages. They are not at all for 'amateurs' but very effective marketing tool for professionals! Plus every site has by default optimized mobile edition! Why don't you visit 'rami mawas'? You will get a good idea about Google pages.

Web Marketing Story:

Good project, great location, all net savvy and GPRS enabled customers and effective marketing tool is going to make 'Marketing of Orchid' an exiting experience! Keep on visiting regularly. If you are planning to buy a property in Pune, please read this post:
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