Saturday, June 9, 2007

Very cool launching of 'Kool Homes' at Balewadi, Pune

In Pune, after a long time, a project was launched in such a cool way. Teaser advertising campaign "What is Kool for you?" generated some curiosity. Surprisingly, even when i came to know that it is only another residential project, with some Techi Gadgets, i didn't ignore it! "Kool Homes" at Balewadi(Pune), is one more 'happening' (we are making a list, remember?) that happened in the last couple of weeks.

Hoardings of "Kool Homes" were well designed and put at all prominent locations. Models were smart, sophisticated and pleasant to look at. After a long time, i didn't mind looking at the same hoarding once again. Otherwise, i blame 'flex printing' technology and complain to my ex-partner, (now Webdesigner), Prakash Thombre, for 'humanizing' Pune real estate advertising.

Using 'human' models, instead of just 'buildings', in the real estate ads became popular only after the success of 'Pride Panorama', an exclusive project by Pride Housing on Senapati Bapat Road. Before Real Estate Marketing, i was into Real Estate Advertising. Prakash was my Partner and Creative Director. Pride Housing was our favorite client. Prakash had designed the campaign, Bunty-Prashant were the photographers and the models were beautiful TV actress Mrinal Kulkarni and sweet little Mukta Ranade.

Naturally, for the first time in Pune, looking at the hoardings became a pleasant experience. Everybody admired and enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, i don't have photographs of the hoardings but you can see the cover of the brochure. These will tell you that the idea was not to show 'smiling faces' but emotional bonding we value and cherish in our homes and family. But most took it superficially and went for the 'face value'! Anyway, this advertising campaign revolutionized the real estate advertising in Pune. That is why nowadays, you see smiling human faces on every hoarding all over Pune.

One of my client feels that by the beauty of the face on the hoarding he can judge the quality of the construction of that particular project in Aundh Annex! Other finds it very confusing and irritating because it becomes very difficult to distinguish one project from another.

Someone said, he can't open his car windows and enjoy the cool evening or morning breeze on his way to Hinjewadi from Parihar Chowk, Aundh. "I am forced to close them because i don't want to look at those same horrible faces on these hoardings which are there on both the sides of the road, one after another, day in and day out, for months!"

I think, we should have a competition. Whoever identifies every hoarding with the project will get a prize: "2 bhk flat in Orchid at Pimple Saudagar, Aundh annex!"

If you or your friend is planning to book a flat in Aundh annex, Baner-Balewadi, Sus Road-Pashan or even in Kothrud, please read this post: "Buying a flat in Pune? Get valuable tips. subscribe to my free newsletter."

Now, in PCMC you can construct upto 12 storeys !

Tall Story!

Arc.Sachin Sutar, an architect of our Orchid:2 bhk flats at Pimple Saudagar, told me very proudly that his project "Mirchandani Group's Palms" at Rahatani, (Aundh annex), was the first one to get the sanction. Congrats Arc. Sutar and Mr. Mirchandani. Didn't i tell you? In the last couple of weeks, lots of things have happened in Pune Real Estate.

The center of Pune has moved!

Did you know this? My friend and very talented Creative Director Mr. Anil Uzgare told me, "Now, 'Pimple Gurav' is the center of Pune." Yes, they have even put the hoardings all over Aundh annex! But i only know Pimple Nilakh and Pimle Saudagar. Anybody knows where is Pimple Gurav?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Available...Ready Possession Flats Available....!

Honeymoon is over!

In the last four years, i have never seen this kind of a banner anywhere in Aundh annex. I took a vacation from blogging only for a couple of weeks but lot of things have changed. First, let me take a quick stock of things and then we will get down to business.

Why are you all so naughty?

Why flats are available "Ready Possession"? Yes, because they are not booked! But why are they not booked? Is it because of the over supply? or they were not worth "Booking"? Has anybody been there? Please, tell me what do you think. The other day, a sales person from that project told me, "customers are very naughty, when we didn't have anything in ready possession they wanted ready possession. Now when we have, they say we are ready to wait, we want under construction!"