Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ekta Worldville, Hinjewadi phase 1 - the ultimate refuge for those IT professionals who are feeling sleepy because of over eating lunch

Walk to Site Office:

When I reached Hinjewadi it was a lunch time.
So, i went to Ekta Worldville.
Kirti had a client with her.
Hoping she would finish him off in a few minutes, i took a chair.
Had a glass of water.
Browsed through the brochure.
Visited the sample flat.
Took some photographs.
When Kirti took her clients to watch the film, i joined them.
In the semi-dark room, i asked Kirti, "What's in the lunchbox?"
She gave me a chewing gum and said, "Lunch times are busy"
I could not see her face but her teeth were bright white.

What is your take on Ekta Worldville?

Did you enjoy visiting the sample flat of Ekta Worldville? How was 4D Reality Tour created by Fourth Dimension Solutions? Are you looking for the "Boutique Residences. Boutique Life."? Do you know anybody who has booked 1.5 bhk flat at Ekta Worldville? Please, share your views in the comments. (Please, read the comments policy.)

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Paranjape Schemes' Crystal Garden on Baner-Pashan Link Road and the beginning of a new world, Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi!

Pune Real Estate Jigsaw Puzzles:

I do not know why, but i was trying to connect a few things. May be because of habit. Bad habit! Do you know, I have compared two residential projects. Kumar Properties' Megapolis vs. Blue Ridge! Some times, i have quized myself. Is Supreme Pallacio an option or a competition to Gera's Regent Park? Whatever may be the conclusion, for sure, i had always enjoyed the exercise! But this time, when i connected few things, the conclusion was quite scary!

World Financial Crisis:

Before, i go ahead, i have to tell you what was at the back of my mind. Besides this blog, Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog, on residential projects near Hinjewadi, i have 1) Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog and 2) Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Investment Blog. For a while, on these blogs i was blogging more about Pune real estate slowdown and exclusive (and attractive !) offers but all of a sudden, world financial crisis, recession and depression became major issues.

Fear of Realty:

Not only me, all of us were more concerned with the fundamental issues about the economy. Most of the property buyers who called me on my mobile (91 98600 44110) did not want to talk about home loan interest rates or property prices. But they were asking tough questions like "Should i sell off my flat at Balewadi and move in the rented apartment?" or "Should i cancel the booking and wait for a few more months?" I do not mind, in fact, i enjoy being used as a sounding board, so many times we talk more than customary limit of 8 minutes!

Chasing An American Illusion!:

Out of the few things i was trying to connect, one is this type of conversation i had with the caller from New Jersey, USA. He wanted to talk about his booking at Paranjape Schemes' Crystal Garden on Baner Pashan link road. After three - four years, he may return to India and settle down in Pune, he said.
Since, he had so much time on his hand, i asked him, "why didn't you book a flat in Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi?"
"Your wife could have gone for shopping at 2 o'clock, watched the movie at 3 o'clock and you would have enjoyed kayaking!"
On this, for the first time, he started speaking in Marathi. He said, "I am pakka Punekar, from Kothrud and I do not believe in chasing American illusion."
"American illusion! What's this? I have only heard about 'American Dream'," I asked him. He tried to explain but i did not understand what exactly he was saying.


After the phone call, as i always do, i Googled 'American illusion'. What i saw on the first page of Google gave me some idea about Bush Administration, American ventures of greed and control, Wall Street and War Racket, how foreign students are scammed in US and how (in 1942!) Americans learned their lesson at Battan. However, it didn't give me any clue about the relationship between a 3 bhk flat at Crystal Garden on Pashan Baner link road, Blue Ridge Hinjewadi and American illusion. So, i just stopped bothering myself and said to myself 'nice to know one more Anti-American' and closed the topic.

Saving capitalism.....!

Today, for the first time, i visited the website of The Sunday Indian and read Arindam Chaudhuri's editorial "Saving capitalism… from the stupid capitalists!" In his editorial, Arindam claims that his three theories - ‘Happy Capitalism’, ‘Survival of the Weakest’ and ‘Trickle-Up theory' - can save the capitalism from the stupids of Wall Street. Though it sounds too poetic, I do not want to question whether Arindam's theories will be able to save capitalism or not because i have not not read his book “The Great Indian Dream”.

Illusion and Exploitation:

While explaining the reason of current crash in the US financial system, Arindam says, this disaster is not 'an incident in isolation' and at the same time, 'it is not a cyclical trend that would soon get mitigated with time'. After reading the article, my impression was, "creating American illusion and exploiting the weak economies" is a well-rehearsed and successful strategy of Wall Street to milk the economies of their profits! Besides the latest name of US, the Arindam lists include Asian Tigers - like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea - along with Japan, and south American countries like Mexico and Argentina! All these economies were lured by the illusion created by Wall Street and exploited to such an extend that most of them took years to recover and many, like Japan, never recovered at all!

Indian Tragedy:

Like Arindam, i was not interested in theoretical discussion about good capitalism and bad capitalism. My interest was Pune real estate. Did the man from New Jersey mean that Blue Ridge is nothing more than American illusion? Then what about "Indian growth story", "Fastest growing economy in the world", "Beating China", "12% Growth Rate" "Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Real Estate" "Special Township Act and SEZ"? All these concepts were not more than just illusions to compel us to open the coffers of Indian economy to Wall Street Bosses? For me, it was difficult to accept that we all have been taken for a ride! But today when i see the falling sensex and the cash crunch, like every Indian, i wonder "So, where is the money?"

Living a Lie:

I do not want to regain my consciousness and face the reality. I do not want to accept that Pashan Baner link road in Pune Municipal Corporation is the reality. I do not want to give up the dream of becoming the world citizen without leaving Pune. I do not want to stop dreaming about changing the way i live. I want to keep on dreaming about going for kayaking!

What's your take on Indian Growth Story:

What do you think? Am i unreasonably pessimistic? Am i thinking irrationally and illogically? Did you ever think that, some day, we all are going to end up as victims of American illusion? Please, share your views in the comments. (Please, read the comments policy before you post!)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Now, SuCasa, at Wakad, also launches compact 2 bhk flats for 33 lakhs (approx) in it's 2nd phase!

2 bhk flat at Wakad - 29 lakhs onwards:

It was Friday, May 16, 2008, Mont Vert opened the bookings of Seville and within 5 hours more than 50 flats were booked. Nobody expected this to happen. Because nobody thought that compact 2 bhk flats starting from Rs.29 lakhs could be the solution to Pune real estate slow down.

If you see my review of Seville, i was quite sarcastic about the hole affair. First, i did not like the fact that Mont Vert Homes was "entering" into low budget compact flats. Mont Vert should focus on it's niche of "up-market-quality-homes" because in the east side of Pune real estate market, particularly near Hinjewadi, there are very few builders who can build quality homes, i believed.

Second reason was the budget! Starting from 29 lakhs was not exactly "affordable" budget. Because, i knew for sure, majority IT professional had a budget in the range of 20 to 25 lakhs. This segment in the first place fueled the real estate boom, but was thrown out of Pune real estate market. If "Rs.29 lakh for 2 bhk flat" becomes the benchmark then, even in the slow down, it would be very difficult for this segment to get a flat in the developed area of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, i thought.

Topaz Park, Palash 2 and now even SuCasa!

Topaz Park, part of Park Street, size wise one of the big project at Wakad, has already managed to bring down the budget of it's compact flats. Now at Topaz Park 2 bhk flat fits in the budget of 29.9 lakhs and 3 bhk flat in 38.3 lakhs.

Under the "The Green Umbrella Offer", Vilas Javdekar and Associates successfully sold out all spacious 2 bhk flats at Palash 2.0 by offering discount in the form of 'No EMI till possession if you give Advance Loan disbursement'. Now, Palash at Wakad has given up the idea of "un-boxed" living and already soft launched 'traditional' compact 2 bhk flats which will fit in the budget of 36 lakhs.!

Now, in the 2nd phase, SuCasa, a residential project at Wakad, which had townhouses with private gardens and penthouses with terraces, is also launching compact 2 bhk flats which, including every thing, fit in the budget of 33 lakhs (approx)!

These compact flats at SuCasa, a project by Kalarch Developers, have the same carpet area but because of the sizes of the terraces you get flats in 3 saleable areas. 905 sq.ft. saleable area on 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th floor. And Salesable area 924 and 957 sq.ft. on 2nd, 4th and 6th floor. Property rate for 2nd phase of SuCasa is Rs.3,200 per sq.ft. Parking - 1.5 lakh. MSEB charges 75,000. Stamp duty would be around 1.25 - 1.3 lakhs as per the size of the flat. Plus add 30,000 for the registration. Here are the floor plans of SuCasa. Click the plan to enlarge. Have a look!

Ravi, compare compact 2 bhk flats at Wakad!

You know i enjoy your comments and your calls on my mobile +91 98600 44110, though many times you ask me difficult questions like, "Ravi, which is the best compact flat at Wakad?". When you subscribe for free to my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog i feel rich and prosperous. When you visit my Google Group and join for free, Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog Group, you motivate me. Thanks, i am enjoying this on going conversation on Pune real estate.

To know more about SuCasa, visit :

Tomorrow, September 4, 2008, on the auspicious day of Rishi Panchami, SuCasa is opening the booking of these compact flats. Here are the details of the contact:

Site Address: S.No.190/191, Wakad-Thergaon road, Wakad, Pune – 411057

Site Contact: 020 6520 6650 / 6410 3445

Mobile No.: +91 99606 85685


Office: Kalarch Developers
Off. No. 10, 3rd. floor,
Agarkar Bhavan,
Pune - 411030

Tel: 020 2433 6371 / 020 2433 2749

Friday, August 29, 2008

Who is Ashish Yadav, the property price negotiator and deep discount dealmaker?

"After i posted the blog - Pune Real Estate Market's Most Wanted, all are asking me, 'Who is Ashish Yadav?'

Home buyers in Pune real estate market want his phone number to find out whether could they join his group and get a discounted property rates from the builders.

Pune real estate developers want to know exactly how many assured bookings they can expect from him?"
Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kunal Sancheti Associates's Venezia at Baner continues with the special introductory offer of Rs.3,400 per sq.ft.

Property rate: big secret!

On 26th July '08 a joint development of Kunal Group and Sancheti Associates' "Venezia at Baner" was launched. Full page English ad, in Marathi newspaper Sakal, talked about everything but the property rate. Obviously, i called and called but could not talk to the sales executive. It means, i was not the only one who was trying to find out the booking rate.

Ultimately, when i could talk, the salesman did not disclose the rate on the phone. I should visit the site to understand the pricing, he insisted.

Special introductory offer:

My desire to have "an aura of happiness to the canvas of my life" (please, do not ask me what it means!) motivated me to visit Venezia...a symbol of my colorful dreams...which has come into existence at Baner, opposite Pashankar Auto, on Mumbai Bangalore highway.

When i saw the glass door of the attached toilet in the sample flat, i became very serious. I went into the flash back when watching my spouse taking a bath used to be my colorful dream and i started to unfold the canvas of my life...I had enough time because the salesman was busy in answering the phone calls and inviting the callers to the site to find out the real estate rates of 2 bhk, 2.5 bhk and 3 bhk luxurious apartments!

"Tell me!" the salesman said to me. Before i could open my mouth, he took the next call. "Tell me!" he said to me when he finished that call. "Shut your phone off" i wanted to say but i said, "You tell me. I am here to hear a special introductory offer!"

"Yes! This special introductory offer is only for today and tomorrow!! What are you looking for?" No, i did not tell him exactly what i was looking walls!

Special introductory offer for a week!

Next weekend, as expected, i saw the ad of Venezia at Baner in the newspaper. I called the site. Phone was not busy. Salesman took the call before the 4th ring. I told him about my site visit on the day of the launch and the special introductory offer. The salesman, not the earlier "tell me" salesman, but the new salesman said the introductory offer is extended for a week! On this week end i can book at the same rate. He invited me to visit the site with my Mrs!

At that point i realized that, i was avoiding to ask my wife about her colorful dreams!

Reduced number of specifications!

Yesterday, on August 25th, nearly after a month, i called the "tell me" salesman on his mobile. Because when i called the site office of "Venezia at Baner," a lady salesperson took my call. She told me that the property rate is the same. I can refer to the quotation i got when i visited the site on the day of the launch.

"Tell me" salesman said, "Yes, the booking rate is the same." "Rs. 3,400 per sq.ft.?" i asked. He said, "Yes! But a few specifications are changed! We have reduced the number of specifications to keep the introductory property rate!" "For example?" i asked. He said, "Modular kitchen and..... "

But i disconnected the phone. I was disappointed. I was 100 % sure, Kunal Sancheti Associates must have canceled the glass door of the toilet!

Please, tell me about the negotiations and discounts!

Tell me, in the comments, did not made a mistake by disconnecting the phone? He, the salesman of "Venezia at Baner," would have offered me a discount if i had visited the site again? What is your experience? Actually, i would like to know, at what property rate bookings are happening in Baner - Balewadi. Please, let me know in the comments.

Palash 2 and Topaz Park were not the only projects to offer the special scheme in Aundh Annex area - Wakad, Pimple Saudagar and Rahatani. There must be quite a few in Balewadi Baner. I am going to blog these offers. So, if you have not subscribed, please, subscribe for free to my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog. To know more about my Pune real estate related blogs, please, visit my Google Group, Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog Group. Instead of writing a comment if you enjoy talking, i am all ears, call me on my mobile 91 98600 44110. First 15 minutes talking is free!

To know more about Venezia at Baner, please, visit

Email :
Site Address :
Opp. Pashankar Auto, Mumbai-Bangalore Exp. Highway, Baner, Pune - 411 045.
Phone :
+91 - 20 - 32402200
91 93730 12020 / 91 93255 71010 / 91 93254 02020
Office :
Opp. Kamla Nehru Park, Off. Bhandarkar Road, Pune - 411 004.
Phone :
+91 - 20 - 30223022, 30223033

Monday, July 14, 2008

At Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi, few flats are available for booking!

Be a world citizen!:

Looks like that quite a few people dropped the idea of becoming a world citizen. Today around 25 flats are available for booking at Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi. A township by flagship Infrastructure (P) Ltd. A Paranjape Schemes' Venture.

Property Rate:

At launch, on Saturday, October 27, 2007, booking rate of Blue Ridge was Rs. 3,200. Toady, property rate is Rs. 3,500 per sq.ft. for 1st to 7th floor. After that there is Rs. 20 floor rise per floor up to 20th floor. Real estate rate for 21st to 25th floor is Rs. 4,200 per sq.ft.

All types of flats:

2 bhk, 3 bhk, 4 bhk and 5 bhk, all types of flats are available. In tower 2 (2 flats), 5 (3 flats), 6 (4 flats), 9 and 11(9 flats each) and 14. Quantity is not much but looks like that you have some choice.

2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in Tower 2, 5 and 6:

In the Tower 2, 5 and 6, there are 4 flats on each floor. 2 flats each of 2 bhk ( Carpet Area 1,036 sq.ft. ) and 3 bhk ( Carpet Area. 1,325 sq.ft. ). Saleable area of 2 bhk is 1335 sq.ft. and 3 bhk is 1730 sq.ft. If you visit the website you can see the floor plans and the saleable area statement.

But there is nothing much to see in a 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat. Plans are typical. When i saw the floor plans for the first time, i was disappointed. I was looking at 1975 model of Fiat car, which is used as a taxi in Mumbai, when i was expecting at least Maruti 800. Paranjape Schemes has served "Limited Rice Plate" of Suvarnarekha Dining Hall in 40 piece Bone China set!

2 bhk and 3 bhk Flats in Tower 9 and 11:

In tower 9 and 11, there are 5 flats on each floor. Flat no 1, 4 and 5 are 3 bhk flats. No 2 and 3 are 2 bhk Flats. Generally, we prefer the corner flat but i liked the Flat no.2 more, which is in the middle. It's small (or compact / cozy). Carpet area, as per the brochure, is only 862 sq.ft. And saleable area, as per the website, is 1,141 sq.ft. I liked the layout of the flat. Because of the layout this flat will look like a 'home'. Position of the bedrooms are at two opposite sides of the flat and living, dinning and kitchen is in the middle. This will give some privacy for both bedrooms.

Personally, i do not like the layout of the flat in which private area and public area is divided into two parts. Like you see in the flat number 3, 4, and 5. First reason is, this type of a flat looks like "living quarters" not a 'home'.

Second reason is, in this type of a flat ( flat no 3, 4 and 5 ), all bedrooms are side by side, they share common walls. You do not get any privacy in these bedrooms. Me and my wife are very vocal in the bed and our son sleeps light. We do not want to disturb him, sleeping in the next bedroom. If we had been fond of sleeping in the air conditioned bedroom then, may be, i would not have mind common walls. But, we do not like an A/C in the bedroom. Those of you who enjoy sleeping in the 'sound proof air conditioned bedrooms', i am sure, must be rethinking about it after watching the details of unfortunate Arushi Murder Case of Noida, India.

However, according to the brochure, carpet area of Flat no.3 is 1060 sq.ft. and as per the website saleable area of this 2 bhk flat is 1,361 sq.ft. Whereas, 1,810 is the saleable area of 3 bhk flats, Flat no. 4 and 5, whose carpet area, as per the brochure, is 1,393.

Flat no. 1 is the most unique design i have ever seen. My son, for sure, will like it. In this flat, his girl friends do not have to face us even for couple of minutes before going to his bedroom. Straight away he can take them to his bedroom because we will be sitting in the living room which is not at the entrance of the flat but at the far end. Carpet area of this unique flat is 1,451, as per the brochure. Website says saleable area is 1,814 sq.ft.

Terms of Payment:

Booking amount is Rs. 1 lakh. Within 10 days from the booking you have to pay 10% of the agreement value. Agreement will be done in a couple of months from now. At the time of the agreement, depending upon your flat you will have to pay around 3 to 5 lakhs.

Compare Megapolis and Blue Ridge:

Someone has told me in the comments to compare Kumar Properties' Megapolis and Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge. Sure, i would like to, only if i could get the details. Which are little difficult to get.

Here whatever comments i have made are my professional expectations. I believe in certain fundamental features should be there in any floor plan. At the same time, there should be enough scope for the home maker's life style in the planning.

I would like to know what you expect in the floor plan. In the comments, please, share your views on these flats or tell us about any plan you liked. To keep this conversation going, subscribe to this Ravi Karandeekar' Pune Real Estate Blog. To know about my other blogs, please, visit my Google group, Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog Group. Feel free to call me on my mobile 91 98600 44110 to share your views or even just to say hello! You can also join me on Twitter!

Contact Blue Ridge:

Corporate Office :

PSC House, Dr. Ketkar Road,
Near Suvarnarekha Dining Hall,
Erandawane, Pune - 411004.

Tel.: +91-20-3022 3344 / 2544 0986 / 2546 2128

Head Office :

Tel.: +91-22-2610 5350 / 2610 5165 - Mumbai
Tel.: +91-0231-6523 055 / 2652 362 - Kolhapur
Tel.: +91-02355-255075 / 6 - Chiplun
Tel.: +91-80-25219911 - Bangalore

Site Office :

Flagship Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Paranjape Schemes Venture,
S.No.173, Near Cognizant Sys,
Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park - Phase-I,
Hinjewadi, Pune - 411027

Call - +91-020-22934900
Fax - +91-020-22934901
email :
website :

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Review of Mont Vert Seville, Wakad - 2 and 3 BHK luxurious flats at an affordable price starting from Rs. 29 lakhs

It is all about not cutting corners, just the price:

For a while, Mont Vert is trying to brand it's flats as a "Resort Homes". Even they had appointed Remo Fernandes, a Pioneer and Exponent of Indian Pop, Rock, Socio-Political Protest, Fusion, Bollywood, Chill-out and Meditative Music in Goa, as a celebrity brand ambassador for their "Mont Vert Tropez" at Wakad.

Mont Vert has stopped using the brand ambassador, which was rated 5/10 on Top Celebrity Branded Real Estate Projects in India, but not the concept of "Resort Homes" and "a resort like ambiance complete with water bodies, exotic landscaping".

Mont Vert claims to develop same in "Mont Vert Seville". Good thing is you can visit Mont Vert Tropez and check! The layout of the project, for me, does not look like a resort. It's typical.

Mont Vert Seville Wakad Layout Plan
If you discount the resort type of a ambiance, then what is left is - designer tiles, stylish glass shower cubicle with a massage jet, French windows! I think they realized this. And to look property price attractive, added 25 years free membership to Club 29, an exclusive lifestyle Club.

Amenities and Specifications:

Mont Vert does not believe in Specifications. They have a list of Amenities - Internal Amenities and External Amenities. It's usual list. I do not say this. Mont Vert has said shower cubicle and massage jet are the only unique specifications in the flat.

But remember, the French Windows are in the dinning and kitchen only. They are for better view and ventilation, that's good. But what about the resort like ambiance? I was expecting French Windows in Living and Bedrooms too. If something like this comes to your mind, do what i did. See the elevation of Mont Vert Seville!

PCMC and Banks' Approvals:

Most impressive feature of the floor plans is - PCMC' Plan approval and work commencement certificate number: BP / Wakad / 20 / 08 Dated 25/02/2008

It also tell us the vision of the builder Mr. Jayant Kaneria. Considering plan approval and work commencement certificate 'process' takes a month or two, these plans were designed in the second half of 2007. It means an year ago,in 2007, Mont Vert knew what would be the property rates in May 2008. And since 2007, they were trying their best to break the upcoming price barrier in Pune real estate market! This is very impressive. Flying French Kisses to you sir!

Mont Vert (Seville) shatters real estate price barrier

Project is approved by Private Sector Banks. ICICI, HDFC and Kotak Mahindra. APF Numbers are given on the website.

It is all about just the price:

What is not there is the property rate and the quotation of the flat. Mr. Mont Vert, isn't property rate your selling point? Look what Kumar Properties' Megapolis has done. Real estate price is there on the website.

Are Resort Homes like this?

Mont Vert Seville Floor Plan

Sorry, i haven't been to any resort so i don't have any idea about resort homes. But i know, some thinking is involved in the planning. This thinking is the concept of the project.But at Mont Vert Seville, sorry, i didn't find any. Of course, i do not mean to say there isn't any concept. It must be there. But i was looking for something more than fitting maximum flats in the FSI on hand. If you could find even a glimpse of "strategic planning and smart techniques", please let me know in the comments.

I think, now, i should let you choose your flat. Mont Vert Seville has 12 story 8 buildings. I couldn't count exact number of flats. No wonder, number of buildings, flats or size of the project is not mentioned on the website. Actually, there is no exact description of the project. What is described on the website is not there in the planning!

Mont Vert Seville known that Wakad is 3 Kms from Hinjewadi IT Park. But do they know, i wonder, what IT stands for? I have heard, Mont Vert is weak in abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms!

If you like this review, please, "EMAIL THIS" to your 10 friends and subscribe to RSS of this blog. I am sure, you have lot to say about the property rates and Mont Vert Seville. Come on, we all are ears!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Should i cancel the booking in Wakad / Balewadi / Baner and book in Kumar Properties' Megapolis?

From Blue Ridge to Megapolis:

This is one of the many questions on my posts on Kumar Properties' Megapolis at Hinjewadi on "Pune real estate market news blog". I am sure, he is not the only one. Some of you must be in two minds too. Fortunately, this time you have time to think twice or even thrice. Megapolis or Wakad / Baner - Balewadi? What do you prefer and afford? Please, tell me in the comments. You can think it over once again, no problem.

There was no time to think when Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge was launched in the first phase of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park. Who took time to think are still thinking, 'Should i book a flat in Megapolis or wait for the 2nd phase of Blue Ridge?'

Zoo or Jungle?

Yes, there are lot of questions about Megapolis. I also have one,"Would you like to live in a gated community?" As a born Punekar, i do not want to live in a township totally cutoff from Pune city. It could be ultramodern and luxurious but i do not enjoy life in the zoo. I am born free. What about you?

Come on, let us discuss all questions. I have compiled a list of questions about Megapolis on my Pune real estate investment blog. Please, visit the blog and if you can answer, please, share your info and views in the comments. Who knows, whether we will get time when Magarpatta's Nanded City is launched on Sinhagad Road!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Megapolis - views and property rates of Kumar Properties' and Avinash Bhosale Group's 150 acre integrated township at Hinjewadi, in Pune

Kumar_Properties_Megapolis_Hinjewadi_Pune_7 (by Ravi Karandeekar)
Megapolis 1
Kumar_Properties_Megapolis_Hinjewadi_Pune_6 (by Ravi Karandeekar)
Megapolis 2
Megapolis, 150-acre township in the 3rd phase of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjewadi, to be built under the Special Township Act, was announced here on Monday by Pegasus Properties Private Ltd, 50:50 % joint venture between Avinash Bhosale Group and Kumar Properties.

The Rs 1,400-crore project - Megapolis - has 5,800 flats, 2, 2.5 and 3 bhk flats and studio apartments in 56, 21-story towers and an IT special economic zone. To read more, please visit: Kumar Properties' Megapolis at Hinjewadi - 3rd integrated township after City Group’s Amanora Park and Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge

For Bookings, please, contact:
Pegasus Properties Pvt. Ltd.
R-1 / 1 to R 1/4
Phase III, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park
Hinjewadi, Pune 411027
Telephone Nos. 020-22933321 / 22, 020-32348180 / 81

First enjoy the views ( Copyrights 2008 by Pegasus Properties. ) and then see the property rates. But for the current real estate prices call Meagapolis.

Kumar_Properties_Megapolis_Hinjewadi_Pune_5 (by Ravi Karandeekar)
Megapolis 3

Kumar_Properties_Megapolis_Hinjewadi_Pune_4 (by Ravi Karandeekar)
Megapolis 4

Kumar_Properties_Megapolis_Hinjewadi_Pune_3 (by Ravi Karandeekar)
Megapolis 5

Kumar_Properties_Megapolis_Hinjewadi_Pune_2 (by Ravi Karandeekar)
Megapolis 6

Kumar_Properties_Megapolis_Hinjewadi_Pune (by Ravi Karandeekar)
Megapolis 7

Monday, April 28, 2008

Achalare and Rachana launches Technopolis, Luxurious 2 & 3 bhk flats at an affordable price, at Baner in Pune

Rachana, Baner and Affordable Property Price!

These 3 things do not go together. Rachana Associates is always associated with upmarket, luxurious and expensive properties. Take any project Gold Cost near Green Park Hotel or Beverly Hills near Pancard Club, 'affordable property price' was never a selling point.

Same with the Baner. Though Baner is a second choice to Aundh, if you are looking for affordable price you will not go to Baner, you will go to Wakad.

But Technopolis ads are totally focused on the price. For example, see these sentences:
Live in 5-star luxury minus the price.
The ritzy dream residence at a truly affordable price!
Luxurious residences. But affordable!
And you thought luxury was only for the rich and famous!
Technopolis_Baner_ad_getimage.dll (by Ravi Karandeekar)

Affordable property rate = Rs. 3,600 per sq.ft. only:

Somebody at Technopolis told me in last 3 days they got more than 600 phone calls 'asking what's the rate?'. I am sure, if you add the phone calls asking 'where in Baner' 'how to come to the site?' all telephone companies must have got good business because of the Technopolis ad.

Does it means, because of the "Get Paid for Incoming" plan, Virgin Mobile is going be the preferred mobile service of Pune builders? Let us see..

At Technopolis, Rs. 3, 600 per sq.ft. is the basic rate. When you add 'floor rise' of 25 rupees per floor property rate of the 8th floor is Rs. 3,775! Including parking, MSEB, Apartment Formation, Stamp Duty and Registration Charges, 2bhk flat of 1,310 sq.ft. on 1st floor is for Rs.52,95,150 and 2 bhk flat of 1,302 sq.ft. on the 8th floor is for Rs. 55,04,153. Where as 3 bhk flat of 1,646 sq.ft. on 1st floor is for Rs. 65,65,230 and on 8th floor 3 bhk flat of 1,643 sq.ft. is for Rs. 68,55,791!

Quality and luxury of Rachana Associates

Before i could comment on the property rate, my friend at Technopolis, Ravi Marda, explained how i am going to get the quality, luxury and elegant elevation of Rachana Associates at lesser rate than they normally charge. Not only that, here i am going to get the same floor plans of the Rachana Associates' Beverly Hills.

Abhijit Achalare, dynamic director of Achalare Associates, had already told me why there is no sample flat ready. He did not want you to miss the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya to book your flat at Technopolis! To find out more about the planning and to see the sample flat i went to Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills at Pancard Club:

First of all, let me tell you, if you are searching for a good property at a "current reasonable" rate in Baner, please do not do what i did. Do not visit Beverly Hills after visiting Technopolis. Why? These are my reasons:
1. Beverly Hills has a sample flat ready.
2. At Beverly Hills in A and B wing, there are few flats available whose possession is in September 2008 .
3. At Beverly Hills, they have just opened the booking of C wing whose possession is in March 2009.
4. They have already started the construction of C wing and 6 slabs are done.
5. Rachana Associates themselves are constructing Beverly Hills.
6. Construction of the club house is going on.
7. You get fair idea of the impressive entrance lobby, the 2 tire parking and vehicle free zone, as well as the complete layout of the project.
7. Property rate is Rs. 3,500 + 25 Rs. floor rise. So 2 bhk flat of 1,300 sq.ft. fits in to the budget of 51 to 53 Lakhs. 3 bhk flat of 1,6oo sq.ft. fits in the budget of 61 to 63 Lakhs.
8. Covered parking at Beverly Hills is Rs.1,50,000. But at Technopolis Rs.2,00,000. MSEB is Rs.60,ooo at Beverly Hills but Technopolis charges Rs.1,00,000.
10. If you are not adventurous and believe in safe investing 50% completed project is good, particularly in these days of rising construction costs, as per the statement by Promoters and Builders Association of Pune.

Rohan Leher and OvalNest

At Technopolis, surprisingly for the first time in my life, i heard a salesman in Baner, talking about Warje and OvalNest. While talking about the huge demand for the flats in Pune at current realty rates, vice president of the PBAP also gave example of the more than 100 bookings in a day at SRK Developers' OvalNest. But why nobody is talking about Rohan Leher? At Rohan Leher, property rate for 1st to 5th floor is Rs. 3,500 and above 5th floor is Rs. 3,600!

If you know any project at Baner who is offering better rate than this, please, let me know in the comments. Please, subscribe to keep getting all my blogs by email. Now, builders have also, at least, started talking about "price and affordable home." Thanks, Technopolis!

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