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Review of apostrophe', Platinum Towers and Silver Skyscapes Pune real estate projects from Wakad Chowk to Dange Chowk (Thergaon) Road

"Take a first left turn as you drive down the Hinjewadi flyover!"

When i visit any real estate project in Pune, along with the property rate, i note down the "pick up lines" used by the salesman. Over a period, my collection is growing and i can start a website like "The Most complete and Most Useless Collection of Pick-Up Lines"

Some times, i start noting down the 'pick up line' even when i make a call to inquire about the project. For example every salesperson at these three projects in Wakad - apostrophe', Platinum Towers and Silver Skyscapes - used this 'pick up line' to tell me the location of their project: "Take a first left turn as you drive down the Hinjewadi flyover!"

"Did you visit our stall at the exhibition?"

There was a PBAP exhibition last weekend so when i entered the site office, real estate salesman did not ask the standard question,
"What are you looking for?"
or "What is your requirement? 2 bhk or 3 bhk?"
but "Did you visit our stall at the exhibition?"
This was a good change. I liked it. I always feel offended when salesmen give that probing look and ask me what's my requirement.
I thank the Promoters and Builders Association of Pune (PBAP) for doing a great favor on Pune property buyers by organizing the exhibition.

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"We have not yet launched the project but 60 % flats are already booked!", apostrophe'

Admiring tall trees on the left i climbed down from my bicycle (i blog on cycle2work!) at the well designed board of the apostrophe' and i got the shock of my life.

There was a nicely designed site office on my left side.
Couple of new cars were in the parking.
Few families were chatting or may be gossiping (but definitely not complaining!) in the groups outside the office.
Construction of 5th or 6th floor of both the buildings was on.
Over and above there was a "Quality Control Lab" on the left side!

Till then, I have never seen a "Quality Control Lab" along with the site office at the main entrance of the project. I was impressed. I became more alert because i felt there is something unusual about this project, apostrophe'.

Trying to hide my eagerness, i declared in a flat tone of voice that i want to see the sample flat. "Sample flat will be ready in a month's time." Gaurav told me politely. "Actually we were going to launch the project after the sample flat is ready but people insisted on booking a flat in apostrophe' so we had to start accepting bookings." Murari, the other salesperson, explained.
"We have not yet launched the apostrophe' but 60% flats are already booked!" Gaurav said. I noted down the 'pick up line' on the brochure.

apostrophe': construction starts before booking opens - rare phenomenon!

I believe in Gaurav and Murari because:
1) There were no floor-plans in the brochures of apostrophe' or plans are not uploaded on the website of Kasturi Housing but i saw and liked the plans.
2) Sample flat was not ready but the specifications are impressive and layout plan of the project is good.
3) Now a days, when i visit any site i get a feeling that the builder is more interested in getting my booking than constructing the project. Here, at apostrophe' i felt and saw with my own eyes that this builder, Kasturi Housing, is interested in actually constructing the project. Kasturi has already started the construction before they started taking bookings of apostrophe'. Which is a rare phenomenon!
4) I have seen Kasturi Housing's completed projects so it was easy for me to trust the salespersons, Gaurav and Murari, of apostrophe'.

apostrophe': Property rate, budget and brief info about 2 and 3 bhk flat

1. 2 bhk flat - 1180 to 1270 sq. ft. - rate rs. 3,100 to 3,300 per sq. ft. (on Jan 25, 2007) - budget 41.5 to 44.5 lakhs (approx)

2. 3 bhk flat - 1560 sq. ft. - rate rs. 3,100 to 3,300 per sq. ft. ( on Jan 25, 2007) - budget 53 to 56.5 lakhs (approx)

3. 4 Buildings and 350 + flats

4. All amenities- I liked the traffic free zone, the size and layout of landscape garden with club house and the drive ways. I would like to blog it on my Kitchen and Bath blog when i get the drawings.

5. Fully furnished toilets. Fittings and fixtures - imported and/or best sanitary brands.

6. Fully furnished kitchen including trolley cabinets, hub, chimney, exhaust fan and common water purifier. Please, subscribe to my Kitchen and Bath blog for the updates.

7. Specification of apostrophe' is a separate topic of the blog. As soon as i get the 'official info' from the builder, i will blog it. (So better subscribe to RSS or Email, in the side column of this blog.)

8. To get official info call: 1. Gaurav - 91 98907 71171 2. Murari - 91 98232 61600 3. email -

"Is there any special discount for Infosys?"

You naughty software engineers from Hinjewadi, while working as an 'on site real estate salesman', i have collected few of your 'pick up lines' too. Which i use with great caution when i visit the site. For example "Is there any special discount for Infosys?" I have used it more than 100 times. With a little creative adaptation, i am sure, i can use it another 100 times in 2008.

But for the 'Platinum Towers' next to apostrophe', i was rehearsing my pick up line since i met Dhanajay Kale, owner of an ad agency "DK". When we met, his first question was "How was full page ad of Platinum Towers?" "Hot!" i gave my pet answer, expecting his obvious response, "Sold out!" or "All flats booked on the same day!"

Some day, i am going to blog on these full page ads and Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge township's special ad on my Pune real estate advertising and marketing blog. Please, give your observations in the comments of this blog. It will be a great help.

"I was dying to visit you from the day i saw your full page ad in the news paper"

With a broad smile on my face i pulled the chair and sat down in front of Jayesh in the site office of "Platinum Towers" and said, "I was dying to visit you from the day i saw your full page ad in the Sakal" and looking at Manisha sitting at next table, i spontaneously added, "Flats available?" Both of them cheered up and said together, "Yes sir! We are taking bookings of only C and B wings. A wing is not opened as yet!"

Without asking how many flats are booked in C and B wings, i learnt about 35 bookings, which is good in todays market. Of course, sample flat was not ready, excavation work has just started (thank god!) but there was an audio-visual presentation which i had to watch after i got information about the project. I submitted myself to it because, i know, these people, Kishor Developers, deliver.

"First time complete glass elevation for the residential building. Like commercial complex!"

Pointing at the layout of 3 building project Jayesh told me with a great pride about the glass elevation of the building. I was listening to him with 100% concentration but i was missing my dear wife.

I couldn't bare the fact of my wife not being present at that point of time with me and i told Jayesh about it. He agreed with me and said, "yes, if your wife had been with you now, you could have booked immediately."
"May be," i said,"only if you could have convinced her about the insurance premium and maintenance of the glass elevation."
"Jayesh, who is going to wash the glass covering my building?" i asked.
"You! It's easy. Open your window and wash the glass!" Jayesh said.
"How can i manage to clean the flooring inside the flat and wash the glass outside the flat every morning?" No, i did not say this. Because, i did not see any point in discussing my household matter with Jayesh and we started talking about property rates.

Platinum Towers - Intelligent planning and luxurious amenities

Jayesh explained to me how intelligent flats are designed. For example, kitchen has inbuilt breakfast table, bedrooms have privacy, windows of two flats do not face each other, there is a dressing area in the master bedroom.

List of amenities has everything, from club house and swimming pool to vehicle free - centrally designed - children's play area and temple. Every amenity you can find in any real estate project in Pune. With one exception - zoo! Like Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi.

At least today there are no plans on the Kishor Developers' website but Rahul, sales in charge of Platinum Towers has told me that soon they are going to upload them. Neither floor plans were there in the brochure but i am trying to get the files and blog about it.

"If you are planning to buy Tata Motor's Nano, go for Platinum Towers!"

This is my line. Jayesh only told me about how the parking charges are - For 1 car + 1 bike - Rs. 1,50,000 and For 2 cars + 2 bikes - Rs. 2,50,000! Generally, you have to pay for 2 car parks if you have 2 cars. But not in Platinum Towers. It is Nano ready! It means you do not have to pay 1.5 or 2 lakhs for the car park to park your 1 lakh car! Have you read all Nano stories on my IT, BT, Auto blog?

I got a xeroxed rate list when i visited Platinum Towers on 22 Jan 2007. According to it: 2 bhk flat: Rate - Rs. 3,000/- per sq.ft. Area 1023, 1096 and 1101 sq.ft. Total cost including stamp duty and registration Rs. 34,53,700; 36,83,700; and 36,99400.

3 bhk flat: Rate - Rs. 3,000/- per sq.ft. Area 1319 and 1401 sq.ft. Total cost including stamp duty and registration Rs.43,96,100 and 46,54,400.

Maintenance charges Rs. 1.50 per sq.ft. extra. For exact and official information you can call site office of Platinum Towers - 020 2727 8844 or 91 99229 50593, 91 99229 50625 and talk to Rahul and Jayesh. email -

"We have a scheme of Row Houses in Talegaon!"

If you are in Pune, you know the magic of the word "Talegaon". Anuj Puri, Chairman & Country Head, Jones Lang Lasalle Meghraj, doesn't know this, but it is a hot real estate investment destination in India. Sharma, salesman at Silver Skyscapes, next to Platinum Towers, told me about Manav Promoters' Talegaon Project when i asked him to give me the information about his project - Silver Skyscapes.

"Nothing is available here, in Silver Skyscapes?" i asked him again. "You can get twin bungalows but budget is 90 lakhs +" Sharma said shyly. "Flats?" i asked as if this was my last chance to get a home in Pune. "Above 7th floor is OK with you?" he asked. "Why above 7th? How many floors do you have?" i asked him. He took out a list and showed me how most of the flats are booked in one wing of the 11 storied building.

"Special Offer! No registration charges if you book your flat in Silver Skyscapes before.."

Personally, i do not like to divide my home in two parts. May be because i like a donkey more than a camel. Because i do not like the unusual distance between the two organs of the camel. The organ of the camel which is used to eat food and the part of the body of the camel where that food is digested.

"Sholay", Bollywood blockbuster, may be the all time hit Hindi film and Veeru and Jai may be immortal, but people prefer to buy a secondhand car than a motorcycle with the side car. Why am i telling this, you must be wondering. But floor plans of Silver Skyscapes remind me of a camel. Living area is totally separated from the bedrooms. Of course, Manav Promoters have designed this because 3 side open apartments are good for light, ventilation and privacy. I am sure, most of you will like it too.

Have a look at the figures: 2 bhk flat - 1037, 1123, 1126 sq.ft. Rate Rs. 2,901 / 3,001 per sq.ft. Total budget is in the range of 36.25 to 39.34 Lakhs + Stamp duty and Registration Charges and other premiums.

3 bhk flat - 1302, 1306, 1388, 1386, 1469, 1471. Rate Rs. 2,901 / 3,001 per sq.ft. Total budget is in the range of 42.69 to 48.70 Lakhs + Stamp duty and Registration Charges and other premiums.

Registration off, means 1% off was the exhibition offer which is applicable till 26 of Jan was Sharma's 'pick up line'! To get exact official information you can call 91 98506 62866 / 91 98222 60275 / 91 93700 53530 . Email -

"How to decide to book your flat in apostrophe' or in Platinum Towers or in Silver Skyscapes?"

No, i am not telling you how to decide. After working in Pune real estate for more that 12 years, I still wonder how you make up your mind and take a decision. In fact, i would like to know, how you come to the decision. You can tell me in the comments about it.

Or i did not mean to compare the projects with each other and say this project is better than that. Neither, i have any business association with any project. I blog because, i wish to assist you in taking a knowledgeable decision. Whatever decision you take, in whichever project you book, book with a clear understanding about what you can get and what you cannot expect.

When i am marketing a project, i see that my clients should not regret their decision. When i blog, i expect the same. You should be happy about your decision.

If you like my blog, please, subscribe to RSS or email. If you are interested in all my blogs, please, visit and subscribe to Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog Group. You can call me on my mobile. Like RSS, email and membership of the group first 15 minutes talking on mobile is free!


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