Sunday, March 9, 2008

Felicita - Baner: 2bhk, 2&1/2bhk and 3bhk flats, opposite Hotel Mahabaleshwar on Baner road in Pune, launched at a special rate of Rs.4,251 per sq.ft.

Prime Location:

Launching of Shree Venkatesh Group's Felicita - Baner, opposite Hotel Mahabaleshwar on Baner road, is a big news in Pune real estate market. After a long time, a township of more than 100 luxurious apartments is launched on the Baner road. May be for the first time near Hotel Mahabaleshwar.

Most of the ongoing luxurious projects who claim to be in Baner, you know, are either in Balewadi or near Pancard club. I am talking not only about premium projects like Kumar Builder's Kumar Aatman, Vascon Engineers' The Willows or Gera's Regent Park which are in the league of Felicita-Baner but even about well known projects like Koolhomes, Kunal Group's Regulus or Sahil Group's Serene.

Baner Road - scoring high on the lifestyle quotient:

Baner was always a second option to Parihar Chowk, Aundh. Rahatani, Wakad, Pimple Saudagar - Aundh annex, mostly, third and the last option for the software professionals working in Hinjewadi. To brush up the memory of my readers in US and UK, let me quote from the article 'Baner Road, speeding ahead' published in Pune Westside Plus:
And every endeavoring soul seems to be striving to improve the quality of life at Baner. This zone appears to be ever progressing in all facets of business. Especially the close proximity to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway has helped Baner evolve as the preferred location for the expansion plans of information technology companies, insurance companies and the banking sector.

Baner Road, which starts from Pune University Chowk and stretches right up till the Balewadi Gaon Phata, is a world of a difference today.

Baner is aiming at scoring high on the lifestyle quotient too! With new and classy residential and commercial projects being constructed along Baner Road, there’s no looking anywhere else for more! All lifestyle requirements are soon to be totally fulfilled within the area itself. Baner is heading towards complete self-sufficiency.

Many great builders like Bal Developers, Vascon, etc., with their elegant residential projects have made Baner ’hot property’. IT professionals from Software Companies like Symantec, Calsoft, Brainvisa and more in close proximity at Hinjewadi, have emerged as immediate takers.

3 side open 2bhk, 2&1/2 bhk and 4 side open 3 bhk with servant's room:

Sample flat ready: One would have booked a 2bhk or 3bhk apartment at Felicita - Baner by just visiting the location and having a look at the layout plan and floor-plans.

Still, Shree Venkatesh Group has made a sample flat in the parking of the building. Yes, construction has already started! To me, it means that the builder is not interested only in my booking but he enjoys constructing too.

Sample flat is of 2&1/2bhk which is good because it gives a fairly good idea of a 2bhk as well as a 3bhk flat. As a real estate marketing professional, to impress you, i would have appreciated if the interior would have been more sophisticated and classy. But it would have lost the genuineness because this builder is more of a builder than a marketer of real estate or developer who excels only in making sample flat!

Of course, personally or professionally, i do not know Mr. Nimhan of Shree Venkatesh Group but i liked what i observed at site. First the owner was present at the site and second Shree Venkatesh Group's earlier customers had come to book at Felicita - Baner and were talking to Mr. Nimhan!

Excellent Layout: I liked the layout of the project because it treats equally both 2bhk as well as 3bhk flats. Mostly when there are 3bhk flat with the servant's room and also a simple 2 bhk flat in the project, you know, all the best things, location in the layout - view, goes to 3bhk flats of 1500 sq.ft. and 2bhk of 1100 sq.ft.are somehow adjusted somewhere.

But the architects of Felicita - Baner, Principal Design Consultant - Pendse and Associates of Mumbai, have treated every flat rather well. So,the builder has not divided his flats into two categories, so there are no two rates, 100Rs. more for the good flat than the not so good one! Which means you are sure about light, ventilation and view will be good in any flat. This gives you the freedom to exercise your choice!

3 side open 2bhk flat: 2bhk flat is of around 1100 sq.ft This is a good size. Not too small a flat. Or not too big to fit in the budget.

Plus 2bhk flat comes in two types. Every flat comes with a terrace attached to the living or dinning. But, if you wish, you can go for a flat whose both bedrooms come with attached terrace. For example 2 bhk flats in wing c.

Besides being open on three sides, plan of the flat is very efficient. First, there are no passages - no waste of space. Second, common spaces -living+dinning+kitchen- and private spaces - bedrooms - are clearly divided, still bedrooms have privacy.

Kitchen has privacy too. But dinning is exactly in front of the main entrance though it has it's own niche. Of course, if you wish, you can put a partition (like in the sample flat) and get some privacy for the dinning too.

Both bedrooms of the same size 11 x13, is simply good and unusual. I am sure, you will appreciate it.

3 side open 2&1/2bhk flat: I have already told you that sample is of a 2&1/2bhk. Both 2bhk and 2&1/2 have the same basic layout and features of planning - efficiency, privacy and openness.

The only major difference is an addition of one 10x10 room, placed at the main entrance. Which you can use as a guest room, study, home-office or invite your clients without disturbing your home.

Dimensions of all the rooms are a little bigger and only one bedroom has a terrace so this 2&1/2bhk fits into 1300 sq.ft. If you can treat 10x10 room as a bedroom, this can be your 3bhk flat!

4 side open 3bhk flat with servant's room (without toilet!): This 3 bhk flat of 1500 sq.ft. is going to look very spacious because of it's shape. Plus your master bedroom is 11x15 and with attached terrace.

Giving an equal importance and the same treatment to all flats in the project and to every room in the flat is the best format of the planning, which i feel, will generate goodness in the family as well as in the project. I came to this conclusion because i am very much impressed with Arc. Vishwas Kulkarni. After talking to him recently, i have realized that in a way every flat is a sort of 'Yantra' which is supposed to perform some function! In short, 2bhk, 2&1/2bhk and 3bhk flats of Felicita - Baner are good Yantras! Amen!!

Specifications and Amenities:

You can see, obviously, all expected specifications and amenities are given. More than the list of specifications how these specifications are delivered to you - the quality and the finish of the construction - is more important to me. I hope, Shree Venkatesh Group will deliver here and at Wakad too!

Property price and budget of 2bhk, 2&1/2bhk and 3bhk flats:

As per the estimate i got when i visited the site on the day of the launch, Saturday March 9, 2008, for 1 to 3 floor, real estate rate at Felicita - Baner was Rs.4,251 per sq.ft.

From 4 to 9 floor there was floor rise of Rs.50 per floor. So property rate of 4th floor was Rs.4,301 and 9th floor was at Rs. 4,451 per sq.ft. After that, floor rise is generally Rs.100.

Salesman at the site office of Felicita - Baner told me that this is a special introductory rate. The normal booking rate of the flat is Rs.4,500. Which sound reasonable to me.

After all, last week, in the developed area of Pune - Samrajya Balwantpuram on Paud Road in Kothrud, Amit Treasure Park on Satara Road and Amit 9Green Park at Sahakar Nagar, both projects by Amit Enterprises' Pune - basic real estate price was Rs. 5,600. Which at any point of time could go above Rs.6,000.

Even in the Pimpri Chinchwad, in the heart of Chinchwad, at Queenstown and The Metropolitan property rate was Rs.3,200.

Compared to these rates and considering the development and infrastructure of the Baner Road this rate was not unexpected to me.

What about you? Please let me know in the comments. You are always welcome to call me on my mobile. I do not charge for the first 15 minutes! If you liked my blog and want to read all my Pune real estate reviews, please, subscribe to email or RSS of this blog. You can also visit my group and subscribe to it if you are interested in all Pune real estate related subjects.

But for the official info - rate, availability and all - about Felicita - Baner please, contact here:

Felicita - Baner:
Survey No 5/2/2, Baner Pashan link Road,
Opposite Hotel Mahabaleshwar, Behind RMZ Symatec,
Baner, Pune 411045.
Ph. No. (020) (20255114)
Mobile : +91 99227 44545
Email :


  1. Special rate? what is the meaning of it? If it is exceeding more than 3000 then most of the people will prefer rental houses and will not go on bying it. I truly admire u r blog but this rate is resonable to u means what? The builder loby is not ready to accept that the slack is started..To be very frank do post the true info of how many flats are booked in this site after 3 months?
    waiting for it...

  2. Not related to this but do post your comment on few bunglow plot schemes going on at Pirangut and Kasaramboli villege..heard the rate as 500RS/SQFT at Kasaramboli villege.
    Waiting for your comment.

  3. 1. About 'special rate' - every rate is a 'special rate' from the real estate salesman's point of view! 2. why exceeding - more than '3,000?'? 3. Yes, You are right about going for the rental home. If rental becomes popuplar it will be a big blow to Pune real estate market..look at US and Europe. 3. Flats booked - i will try to give true info but not 100 % true at this point of time. Why? Builders wont give! 4. Plots? i will try but not sure. Plots have lots of issues. I do not want to get involved into it at this point of time.

  4. at end you say rate of 4500 is reasonable! thats a atrocious statement to make for area like baner. anything more than 3k in that area is a rip off.

    anyway rental is best otion in pune, what with no infrastucture, power cuts, water problem, bad construction.

  5. 1. Priya, thanks for the comment. Thanks for not commenting as an anonymous. I appreciate it very much. 2. Yes, many people think Rs.3,000 is OK for the Baner Road. 3. Rate was not unexpected to me, that's all. 4. "Rental is better option" Recently, i am hearing this quite often. About, renting and infrastructure both. What's the future of Pune real estate...???

  6. Glad to read more people think like me "rental is better, the way rates are going up". I like the plan and all but s you yourself said, "execution is the key".
    And I really don't care about "what happens to the real estate market". The real estate market should cater to the people who need a house to live in more than to the people who are investors. I think its getting to the correct side of this balance between the investor and the needy.
    Before I forget, I like the structure of the blog and the information provided.

  7. Thanks for the complements, Amar! Yes, many people think like you about the renting. I agree with you about the balance. But as a real estate salesman, i think twice before blaming the "investors" because many times they are my old customers whom i approach before i open a booking. Are they needy. Yes, though this is their second home! But you can say no, they are not. And you are not wrong either!

  8. Hey I like to know what you think of the new Rohan scheme (forgot the name) which says the flat is lot more windy or breezy.

  9. Hello Mr. Ravi,

    Do you have any consultancy services for real estate in Pune? If yes, can you please let me know the address and contact number for the same?


  10. Hi Ravi,

    There was an advt. in today's "Westside Plus" (a supplement of Times Of Inda) which said the prices start from 41.5 lacs. I called up the sales to enquire (9922744545) and he told me the rate upto the third floor was 3800/- with a floor-raise of 25 (not 50) after that. Are the property prices in Pune crashing? I called him again to ask if the prices had indeed come down (I remember the inagural price of 4200), he replied saying "this is a special discount given" :) I don't know what happened to the people who booked on the day of inaguration

    I'd called up Mont Vert Biarritz last week and he's offering a discount of 100 "if I booked today".

    I think it's now a race between who can sustain longer - buyers (without buying) or builders (who've already invested money in the project). With affordability going way out of reach, buying has definitely slowed down. And when the demand drops, prices drop. Small builders are the ones to give in first. Big banners can still sustain for some time before giving up. I think it makes sense to just "wait and watch". It cannot get any worse than this anyways :)

    What say?

    BTW: There's a very good article here:

  11. Hello Rutu! Special rate is not Rs.3,800... kidding...You are right...It is Rs.3,801 per sq.ft.! Of course, what else you can expect when only 26 bookings happen so far! Yes, if they have booked at the "special launching rate of Rs. 4,200" are going to demand the new rate and save 5.8 lakhs! Thanks for the info and the link.

  12. Hello Padmanabh! Call me any time, not exactly any any time...i mean..whenever you want to talk to me..., on my mobile and keep visiting and will find different views expressed in the comments.

  13. Hi Ravi,

    You miight be aware of a Paranjape Schemes project adjacent to Felicita and behind Vascon Eve's Garden/Paradise in Baner, the name of the project is ROLLING HILLS. I had been there last weekend as a prospective buyer (resale). I loved the peaceful location, on the foothills of Baner Hills, off the noisy and dusty main Baner Road and as you state, in the "prime" location of Baner and not Balewadi/Pancard club. The complex is neat, spacious and well maintained. How much according to you should I pay (max) for a 3BHK in Rolling Hills? The 3BHK flat on sale is approx 1450 sq. ft. (unfurnished) and is being offered for 65Lakhs (18 months old). Please let me know your opinion. Would also appeciate a review of the Paranjape Rolling Hills project.

  14. Montvert builders are big cheat.
    you can cehck their stories on they never complaete their project. they have still pending Dieu, Finnesse and Grande. Once money is in their pocket they don't even talk properly.

  15. Hello Satish! It is very difficult to say. Because you are dealing with an individual. He is expecting or relating it with the current market rate. Every body does. Now it depends upon you. How much you value it. How much you liked it. How important it is to you at this point of time. If you are serious about it, then do not waste the time. Sit with him with the cheque book and do not leave the table till you close the deal. It's personal. I hope you have not read the comment about Baner on this post on Felicita!

  16. Thanks for replying Ravi. I did read the comments posted by "Anonymous" on the Felicita blog and I completely disagree. I am sure "Anonymous" does not live in Baner as claimed as he/she is not aware of the facts. Baner surely is a nice and peaceful locality to live in and is considered as one of the up and coming prime areas within Pune. Don't take my word for it but just look at the pace of development and the number of premium housing projects coming up in Baner as an indicator of future trends. Vascon, Bal, Paranjape, Supreme, Runwal, PridePurple, Rachana, MontVert virtually the "who's who" has a project in Baner. As far as (under)development is concerned "Anonymous" does not seem to know that Baner Road will be widened to 100ft by PMC through JNNURM funding by Oct2008, the Baner-Pashan Link road next to Symantec is almost ready for use, the area will see a massive bio-diversity park coming up which will be the lungs of the city, the area has ample corporation water, the Development Plan for Baner was sanctioned a couple of months ago (the first fringe villages DP to be approved) and implementation will begin soon enough which will further add value to the area. The area will also see several 5 star hotels coming up within the next couple of months which is a good measure of things to come. As far as politicians/corporators are concerned, I believe it is sacrilege to think that these corrupt guys will even remotely think about improving infrastructure of any area, why single out Baner alone? Expecting a rate of Rs.2000/- is the stuff of dreams. Pray tell me if this was the rate in Baner then what should the rate be in Wakad/Pimple S/N/G? Surely not more than Rs.500/-. I would suggest that "Anonymous" get his/her facts right before posting such derogatory comments. I have made up my mind to settle in Baner and would be choosing the apartment soon enough.

  17. Thanks Satish! You have added value to this discussion. I would like to add a link to Pune Municipal Corporation's Development Plan of Baner and Balewadi =

  18. Ravi, Could you please tell me who is the developer of the Felicita Baner Project.

    Also could you please comment on the story from Punescoop, and does it apply to Felicita in any way?

  19. Thanks for the comment and the link. 1) Builder of "Felicita" is not the same Nimhan. But i do not know him personally and have not heard any bad story about him, yet. 2) Lageraho Munnabhai!

  20. Hi Ravi,
    I have a 4200sq ft plot in Aundh Annexe (Pimple Nilakh) from Amit builders. What is the market rate there? I need money for another investment so wondering if I sell this one or hold for any future appreciation? What would be ur suggestion?

  21. Ravi,
    I wanted to know about the scheme called Rutuparna at Balewadi. I have seen Willows, Felicitia, and many more in the vicinity. I found Rutuparna better and reasonable than any other. I need a second opinion on this before I confirm anything. What would be your suggestion on this?

  22. I am planning to book 2BHK in Felicita..currently they are quoting 3800/- psft and floor rise of 25/-. Could you please guide me? As property rates are going down so is it possible that Felicita will come down to 3500/- or even less.... Thanks

  23. @alok, thanks for the comment! As property rates are going down so is it possible that Felicita will come down to 3500/- or even less.. 1) Yes, it is possible. Today, we have to be prepared for "the rates going down." We have to accept that as rates went up they will come down in any project. 2) We can not "time" to book when rates are at it's minimum. So it is safe to follow our own time table. Because besides rates availability of choice is equally important for us. 3) Now when the rates go down, location of the project plays important role. Rates may go 'more' down in less populated areas of Baner Balewadi area than popular areas on the main Baner road - like Felicita opp. Hotel Mahabaleshawar. One possibility, which is a general trend. 4) Stage of the construction and the percentage of booking also plays very important role when rates go down. Because bookings assure cash flow for the construction. 5) Holding capacity of the builder is also important. Because construction is a time taking process and demands heavy investments. 6) We have to consider the current rate of land in the area. In Baner rate of land is around 1500 to 1700 rupees per sq.ft. Based on this you can imagine how low rates can go. 8) You can compare rates of Baner Balewadi with the rates in the fringe villages of Pune - projects in Gram Panchayat as a parameter for low rates. Current rates in these areas are around 2,200 to 2,500. 8) Inflation is going to make it difficult to reduce the rates. 9) Please, consider this while booking at a current rate in any project.

  24. Thanks a ton Ravi for providing detailed analysis .... Can you please suggest that seeing all these parameters 3800/- is a good buy... also if you have 2 choose between Baner, Balewadi & Pimple (Near Kunal icon) ..which location u will prefer ...In baner rate is around 3800/- (Felicita), Balewadi (3200/-), Pimple (around 3100/-).. Also could u please suggest some good projects in these area...

  25. Thanks for the complements and comment Alok!
    if you have 2 choose between Baner, Balewadi & Pimple (Near Kunal icon) ..which location u will prefer ...
    I will always prefer main Baner road, Rahatani and Wakad to Balewadi.

    1) Because Rahatani and Wakad is in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.
    2) But recently i prefer Queenstown and Metropolitan because it is in the Chinchwad town itself!
    3) As a real estate salesman i started my career in Rahatani.
    4) Good project: 1. I like apostrophe because i always admire it's builders for his quality and finish. (He was my client too..bias..may be..check!) 2. i also like the sophistication in Mont Vert Seville - Mont Vert has a capacity to deliver quality construction. Plus good people to deal with. Trust is very important while booking. I do not mean others are not good. I only gave my personal opinion.

  26. Hi Ravi,
    I'll be shifting to pune in another two months however im unable to decide the area and the property as it all seems quite confusing to me.

    i've liked Palash (vilas jawdekar construction), Apostrophe(kasturi Housing) and Rutuparna.

    Which one is closer to city and als quality wise which one should I go for ?

    I dont know for what reson are people quating 3700/- to 4400/- per sft. the is exoebitant!! being in Bangaore I feel that b'lore is better than pune (property wise).

    If yp guide me on this, also i happen to be in real estate but pune property rates are unknown to me.
    I'll wait for ur reply, as at least ill be able to decide on the area and property by then .


  27. Palash (vilas jawdekar construction), Apostrophe(kasturi Housing) and Rutuparna. I will say go for apostrophe! Or for reasonable budget and good quality Mont Vert Seville! Both are on the same road in Wakad.

    I am sure you must have considered unoccupied ready possession flats to shift immediately.

  28. Hi, This is Sona. I read your blog and was pretty much impressed. What is the current rate for felicta -baner per squareft? Could you give me a realistic quote? I would really really appreciate that.

    Thanks a lot

  29. Acute shortage of water in Baner, Pashan. borewell not possible. Think twice before selecting house in this area.

  30. I visited felicita today and they quoted a rate of 3800. it quickly fell to 3700 when i told them i want to take a decision quickly. they are also saying that they will give possession in december 09.

    anyone know what was the original possesion date ?

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Acute shortage of water in Baner......
    All please think on this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,