Monday, April 28, 2008

Achalare and Rachana launches Technopolis, Luxurious 2 & 3 bhk flats at an affordable price, at Baner in Pune

Rachana, Baner and Affordable Property Price!

These 3 things do not go together. Rachana Associates is always associated with upmarket, luxurious and expensive properties. Take any project Gold Cost near Green Park Hotel or Beverly Hills near Pancard Club, 'affordable property price' was never a selling point.

Same with the Baner. Though Baner is a second choice to Aundh, if you are looking for affordable price you will not go to Baner, you will go to Wakad.

But Technopolis ads are totally focused on the price. For example, see these sentences:
Live in 5-star luxury minus the price.
The ritzy dream residence at a truly affordable price!
Luxurious residences. But affordable!
And you thought luxury was only for the rich and famous!
Technopolis_Baner_ad_getimage.dll (by Ravi Karandeekar)

Affordable property rate = Rs. 3,600 per sq.ft. only:

Somebody at Technopolis told me in last 3 days they got more than 600 phone calls 'asking what's the rate?'. I am sure, if you add the phone calls asking 'where in Baner' 'how to come to the site?' all telephone companies must have got good business because of the Technopolis ad.

Does it means, because of the "Get Paid for Incoming" plan, Virgin Mobile is going be the preferred mobile service of Pune builders? Let us see..

At Technopolis, Rs. 3, 600 per sq.ft. is the basic rate. When you add 'floor rise' of 25 rupees per floor property rate of the 8th floor is Rs. 3,775! Including parking, MSEB, Apartment Formation, Stamp Duty and Registration Charges, 2bhk flat of 1,310 sq.ft. on 1st floor is for Rs.52,95,150 and 2 bhk flat of 1,302 sq.ft. on the 8th floor is for Rs. 55,04,153. Where as 3 bhk flat of 1,646 sq.ft. on 1st floor is for Rs. 65,65,230 and on 8th floor 3 bhk flat of 1,643 sq.ft. is for Rs. 68,55,791!

Quality and luxury of Rachana Associates

Before i could comment on the property rate, my friend at Technopolis, Ravi Marda, explained how i am going to get the quality, luxury and elegant elevation of Rachana Associates at lesser rate than they normally charge. Not only that, here i am going to get the same floor plans of the Rachana Associates' Beverly Hills.

Abhijit Achalare, dynamic director of Achalare Associates, had already told me why there is no sample flat ready. He did not want you to miss the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya to book your flat at Technopolis! To find out more about the planning and to see the sample flat i went to Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills at Pancard Club:

First of all, let me tell you, if you are searching for a good property at a "current reasonable" rate in Baner, please do not do what i did. Do not visit Beverly Hills after visiting Technopolis. Why? These are my reasons:
1. Beverly Hills has a sample flat ready.
2. At Beverly Hills in A and B wing, there are few flats available whose possession is in September 2008 .
3. At Beverly Hills, they have just opened the booking of C wing whose possession is in March 2009.
4. They have already started the construction of C wing and 6 slabs are done.
5. Rachana Associates themselves are constructing Beverly Hills.
6. Construction of the club house is going on.
7. You get fair idea of the impressive entrance lobby, the 2 tire parking and vehicle free zone, as well as the complete layout of the project.
7. Property rate is Rs. 3,500 + 25 Rs. floor rise. So 2 bhk flat of 1,300 sq.ft. fits in to the budget of 51 to 53 Lakhs. 3 bhk flat of 1,6oo sq.ft. fits in the budget of 61 to 63 Lakhs.
8. Covered parking at Beverly Hills is Rs.1,50,000. But at Technopolis Rs.2,00,000. MSEB is Rs.60,ooo at Beverly Hills but Technopolis charges Rs.1,00,000.
10. If you are not adventurous and believe in safe investing 50% completed project is good, particularly in these days of rising construction costs, as per the statement by Promoters and Builders Association of Pune.

Rohan Leher and OvalNest

At Technopolis, surprisingly for the first time in my life, i heard a salesman in Baner, talking about Warje and OvalNest. While talking about the huge demand for the flats in Pune at current realty rates, vice president of the PBAP also gave example of the more than 100 bookings in a day at SRK Developers' OvalNest. But why nobody is talking about Rohan Leher? At Rohan Leher, property rate for 1st to 5th floor is Rs. 3,500 and above 5th floor is Rs. 3,600!

If you know any project at Baner who is offering better rate than this, please, let me know in the comments. Please, subscribe to keep getting all my blogs by email. Now, builders have also, at least, started talking about "price and affordable home." Thanks, Technopolis!

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  1. i am among those 100 who booked a Flat in OVAL nest, still jittery about my decision...

  2. Hello Kaustubh! why are you jittery about your decision?

  3. Ha Ha. Do you think 3600 is affordable ?

    Investor who have paid more than 2500 psf are proven idiots who got tricked by builders (PBAP), agnets (countless), promoters (like owner of this blog).

    3 years ago people in Pune were afraid of paying 1500 psf to any good project. Suddenly some people (mere 10% of total pune prospective buyers) paid idiotic prices and entire Pune has been projected with fancy prices.

    Let market crash and I want to see faces of these price jackers.

  4. Do you think 3600 is affordable? Achalare thinks and calls it affordable. 3 years ago people in Pune were afraid of paying 1500 psf to any good project. Right! It was 850/- in Aundh annex. Let market crash and I want to see faces of these price jackers. Please, be kind to the flat buyers, the actual end user who has paid high rate. If the market valuation becomes less than the loan amount due they will be in trouble.

  5. i think builders are not reducing the price but adding amenities. This serves 2 purposes....covering the declining real estate market as well as keeping the builders name intact. The rate of 3500 of oval nest includes facilities which in itself are not less than 3 lakh (minimum). So in the end both seller and buyer benefit. What are your views of nanden project to be on sinhgad road?

  6. I think the cost is high.It shoul be less

  7. How good is My World Baner?worried as the project was named Technopolis first and now re launched as My World?

  8. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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