Saturday, April 19, 2008

Felicita - Baner: 2, 2.5 and 3 bhk flats, opposite Hotel Mahabaleshwar on Baner road in Pune, reduces the property rate - Rs.3,801 ...only for 2 days

Launched at a "special" rate of Rs.4,251 per sq.ft.!

As per the ad in the Westside Plus and the phone call i received, for 2 days - today and tomorrow - till 20th April 2008 - Felicita - Baner has reduced the rate by 450 rupees per sq.ft.

Now, you can book your flat at Rs.3,801 per sq.ft. At this rate, if you book 2.5 bhk flat of 1,285 sq.ft., you can save nearly 5.8 lakhs!

You know, in the first week of March, Shree Venkatesh Group had launched Felicita Baner at a special rate of Rs.4,251 per sq.ft. and till today could book only 26 flats.

Are the property prices in Pune crashing?

Ritu, you must read her comment, called Felicita - Baner twice to confirm about the price reduction. Ritu also tells about her experience at Mont Vert. Mont Vert is ready to offer the discount of Rs.100 per sq.ft.. "Are the property prices in Pune crashing?" Ritu wonders.

I am curious to know what Priya says about this price reduction. Because, Priya says, "anything more than 3,000 Rs. per sq.ft. in that area is a rip off" What do you say? Should property rate at Baner come down to Rs.3,000 per sq.ft.?

"Is rental better?"

The way rates are going up, rental is a better option says Amar. He is glad to know that many people think like him! What do you think?

Felicita - Baner: 40% construction work done!

All this discussion is very important to me because we are talking about Baner. If 3,000 Rs. per.sq.ft. is OK in Baner then what should be the real estate rate in Wakad, Rahatani and Pimple Saudagar & Nilakh? Rs. 2,500 per sq.ft.!

Plus, we are talking about Felicita which is at a prime location on the Baner road, opposite Hotel Mahabaleshwar. Not at Pancard club, or on the other side of Mumabi Pune bypass like Rohan Leher or at Balewadi! Which are for sure undeveloped than this location.

Most important is the stage of the construction of Felicita. More than 40% work is done. You will be booking a flat in the building whose 5/6 slabs are cast. Hope Felicita will act smart in this slowdown in Pune real estate market, ignore the stunts of PBAP, learn something from the other projects where ready possession flats are laying vacant and come down on the rate and complete the project in time.

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  1. What is being shown to the world about Pune real estate is a HYPE. Regarding BANER, the fact is BANER still resembles a VILLAGE and not just a village, but a village of gunda raj lead by a local politician. Life in Baner is not peaceful at all and nor quality either. All the areas of Baner are under-developed. Very few places are semi-developed. Rate of anything above RS 2000/- per sq. ft is not at all value for money, but a waste of life.
    I am living in Baner from the past 12 years, and I know the situation correctly than any other reading this blog, I believe. PMC don't have a agreed plan for development of Baner and the present corporator does absolutely nothing in terms of any development. The main road being expanded is because of the up-coming sports event in Balewadi and is done by central government, not by PMC.
    It is absolute RISK to put in money in Baner Real Estate at this rate, the investor will certainly end up in a nightmare if lifetime and will regret on this decision.
    All the best.

  2. I completely agree with anonymous about the development of the Baner and the roll of the corporator. As a resident of Paud road for more than 10 years, i have seen how important roll corporators play in the implementation of the development plan. Please, read Real States in Pune and IT Professionals

  3. Thanks Ravi and anonymous for pointing this out. Local politicians and corporators lack in sense of responsibility. They don't know their job and their role in this particular position. Lack of eduction and intellact is one reason. I can confidently say here that the role models for all these corporators are their immediate politicl leaders, and we all know well about our politicians and their attitude to serve the common man and this society.
    Very disgeaceful scene. I red in several other realty blogs that government authorities are not granting permissions to small plot holders to build their own dream home, this is outrageous and a big shame. A common man stands no where. Money is either flowing to rich or to gundas. This situation is a threat to social integration.

  4. hi Ravi

    I am a first time home buyer and read all your blogs regularly , Why you keep on writing about felicita all the time . i think there are multiple projects going on in Baner....would be great if you write a word or two abt them...

  5. Yes sir! I will write about (all) (other) projects in Baner. Thanks for reading my blog regularly. Please, keep on suggesting.

  6. Dear Ravi,

    What are the current prices in Baner? I was interested in Kapil Malhar Phae 2. Can you give me an idea? Are the rates there lower than 3800 since april?


  7. Hey Ravi

    what do u think wads the rate @ Felicita now


  8. Hi All,

    I am able to negotiate the Felicita rate upto 3600 for a 2.5 BHK - 1400 sq ft flat, that too even without taking out my cheque book. I am planning to book one place there in couple of days and I am confident of negotiating that down to 3500 or even less.

    Ravi please suggest if I need to bargain harder and till how much I can bring down the rates??


  9. # ref : "3600 for a 2.5 BHK - 1400 sq ft flat"
    Congrats Rajiv! Keep on negotiating till you hit the bottom!!

    "how much I can bring down the rates?" Please, do not let the builder feel that you are "bringing down the rate". It hurts his big ego! It's win win situation for both of you. You are just paying "right price" for your flat. He is offering best deal to a good customer like you.

  10. i stay in baner. repenting. acute shortage of PMC water. paying heavy on water tanker. never select this area for your dream home.

  11. Is the water situation in Baner-Balewadi bad? I heard a couple of people mentioning that. I was considering buying a 2bhk in Rohan Leher. The sales guy said there are no issue because all facilities were ready for the CYG. Is this builder generally willing to negotiate? Would they come down from the quoted 2950/sq ft? The neighbouring lands are owned by BU Bhandari and Aditya Builders.Saw their fencing and name boards. Would this area develop in terms of transportation and shopping in the next 2 years? The sales guy says there's a Big Bazaar coming up close by on the other side of highway in Baner. He even pointed out a building now under construction. Need your advice as I want to finalise soon whether I should go for it.

  12. Hi Ravi,

    I went through your views about Felicita. But these are quite old. Any change in views now after a year?

  13. Hi .. I want to know the rates in baner these days. I want to buy 2bkh flat in baner. Can anyone provide me with the rates of Felicita and Rohan Leher