Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gera's Regent Park at Pancard Club, Baner: Is Supreme Pallacio an option or a competition?

Supreme Universal launched Supreme Pallacio, Apartmentos de Castillo(!), last weekend. Half page pre-launch ad on Saturady and the full page ad on the day of the launch - Sunday, talked about the high-end specifications (and asked you to call for an "Invitation")!

I wont say, i do not like the project, but i find it difficult to say that Supreme Pallacio is a great project. I find it difficult to say great, because, to me, Pallacio looks like a typical multi-starer Karan Johar type NRI-oriented Hindi film which fails to charm young Indian multiplex box office.

Gera's Regent Park vs. Supreme Pallacio:

I, also, find it unfair to compare Supreme Pallacio with Gera's Regent Park. Unfortunately, for sure, the comparison is going to happen.

First reason is both projects, Gera's Regent Park and Supreme Pallacio, are in the neighbourhood of Pancard club at Baner. Both projects are of nearly the same size. Both projects have high value flats in the 1 crore plus bracket.

Gera's Sky Villas at Kharadi:

But Supreme Pallacio has one big advantage. Pallacio has a sample flat. Gera's Regent Park doesn't have one. They will take you to Gera's Sky Villas at Kharadi. If anybody fails to understand the features and the benifits of Gera's Regent Park, because there is no sample flat, as a Pune real estate salesman, i will feel sad.

High value Pune Properties:

After all, Gera's Regent Park represents every thing high value Pune real estate architecture and planning stands for. Gera's Regent Park is not only lavish but it has a concept, a thought. A unique trend set by '1 modibaug' and Arc.Vishwas Kulkarni. (Do you know Venkatesh Mirabel, which is in the same neighbourhood, is also designed by Arc.Vishwas Kulkarni?) But after visiting the sample flat of Pallacio, do you think anybody would be in a mood to think rationally? Please, have a look at the photos and get the feel of the project:












1 modibaug set the trend:

Aniruddha Deshpande's City Development Corporation, promotors of Amanora Park Town, and Rohan Builders, who launched Rohan Leher in the last week, set the trend of high value flats in Pune. In 2003 they lauched "1 modibaug", an exclusive project of 80 flats in the price range of Rs. 1 crore plus, adjacent to Agriculture College, on the Pune University Road.

Who has 1 crore plus budget?:

At this budget only Schin Tendulkar, Chairman of some Sugar Co-op and Poitician from Baramati can afford to book a flat at 1 modibaug was the popular idea. But, one evening, my wife told me that her friend has booked a flat in 1 modibaug. This news not only challenged me as a real estate professional but hurt my pride as a husband too and i expressed my doubts about his 'integrity'. Obviously, i had to pay for this and face her non co-operation movement for the next couple of days and nights.

Pune rides high-end boom!:

Today according to Vishwajeet Jhavar, CEO, Marvel Realtors, the demand for the super luxurious homes is much more than the supply. He himself has completed 5 super luxurious projects which were booked before the formal launch. (Voila! Booking Open!! Marvel Imperial at Boat Club, Marvel Diwa at Magarpatta road, Marvel Enigma at Kharadi, Marvel Matrix at Mundhwa. Call 020 2605 2920/1, 91 93712 18215, 91 93258 69666.)

Darode Jog, you too?:

Subsequently, because of the demand and the prise rise the bar for premium housing went on rising. From Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore became the entry lavel high value flat. For example, budget of a 2 bhk flat at Darode Jog's Blossom Boulevard at Koregaon Park is 1 crore and 15 lakhs and above. (Hurry! last few falts left! Call 91 99229 01413)

1 Crore flat on Paud Road!:

Obviously, now a days, we find lots of 'premium flats' in Rs. 1 crore plus bracket even in the medium budget schemes - Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi, Pethkar Projects' Samrajya - Balwantpuram on Paud Road in Kothrud, Amit's Treasure Park at Sant Nagar on Satara Road, Amit's 9 Green Park at Sahakar Nagar - all have flats in the 1 crore plus bracket which are not considered obscenely expensive.


If you find this '1 crore plus' bracket too much, let me remind you about the upcoming project of Panchshil Realty and Celebrity architect and designer John Hitchcox and French designer Philippe Starck. Their project, 'YOO Pune' at Hadapsar is going to have 400 SOHO homes in the first phase. The minimum cost of a Soho Home - a fully furnished apartment measuring 600-700 sq ft - would be Rs5 crore. Just imagine, what would be the price of 300 other apartments in the second part of the project, each measuring between 4,000 and 9,000 sq feet!

Afterall, Pune is one of the most important city of ‘CHINDIA,’ (as these two countries, China and India, are collectively denominated). Which has become the prime target of many big global investors! So, please, subscribe to my blog, join my group and keep in touch with the latest Pune real estate developments.


  1. Both developments are rather different in target audience - thus, it would be foolish to compare the two developments.

    Supreme is much bigger (largr sq. feet with better proportions to most rooms), is more exlusive and of course has beat the competition by doing what works best for achieving a sale - good marketing! The press work, the showroom, the brochure etc all work to their advantage.

    Gera units are much smaller, and targets a different type of purchaser. According to the website, there isn't even a swimming pool within the development which is pretty much a tick box feature even in todays mid level developments.

  2. Hello anonymous! Thanks for the comment. I am sure, now everyone will compare the room sizes and carpet areas. And think about what size is right for them. I agree about the marketing. Looks like that you know what they have achieved. Please, share it with us. Swimming pool in Baner? Yes, Gera could have easily arranged water from Goa! It would have been great if you had talked more on 'different target audience', 'different type of purchaser'. What kind of profiles and how much is the difference, i wonder. However, thanks, i appreciate your point.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    I have been reading your blogs for quite some time now.They are great and very much informative.

    I saw that you are writing about http://www.ziggurat.co.in/ . I think it would be great to write about the previous projects of the builder too. I had gone to book a flat at ziggurat but when I saw the previous flats of the builder ( Trimurti Appartments at Sinhagad Road ), I cancelled my decision.

    The quality of the construction seems to be not so good. Also I talked to the residents over there , It seems that it took too much time for the flats to get completed and still the work is going on over there.
    For ziggurat there were some advertisement on the newspaper which said if you opt for ADF from Axis bank you would get stamp duty etc free. This clearly indicates how people are being exploited. Since once I opt for ADF , I have given full disbursement to the builder and then he can delay the flat possession as he likes.
    So I opted not to buy flat at ziggurat .

    I think you should ask users to first visit the previous sites of the builder , ask people over there what they think and then take decision of buying. Even if you can write about the previous projects of the builders you would help many users like me making a decision.

  4. "first visit the previous sites of the builder , ask people over there what they think and then take decision of buying" yes, you are right. thanks, good idea, i will write about the previous projects too.

  5. Supreme Universal, was incorporated in the year 1982 in Mumbai, with the vision of creating high-end,well planned residential and commercial landmarks. With a number of ongoing and completed prestigious projects. Supreme Universal has created plush office spaces and residential complexes in prime localities of Mumbai and Pune.

  6. water! when basic necessity like drinking water from PMC is not available at Gera's site, we should not discuss further. Tanker water can not be made drinkable. it seems whole baner area faces drinking water scarcity. Be careful while choosing your dream flat.

  7. Hi, How would you compare Kolte Patil's Glitterati to these projects? I would love your opinion.

  8. hi marvel realtors projects are good in kharadi, could you help me with some more details of the projects of marvel. my email is neelambari20@gmail.com

  9. I am interested in comparison of Kolte Patil's Glitterati with Vascon willows, Rohan seher (Resale).

  10. Gera Sky Villas is a project which one will regret for having invested in. What to say about the project....the list is endless ---poor infrastructure with absence of roads, street lights, no municipal water, no sewage lines, no telephone lines.....and the icing on the cake is...when you ask the builders, Gera, on any of these matters, he cooly replies...."go, take a walk"......and "why did you buy the property?" or "who asked you to buy?". They are absolutely indifferent lot. One must compare their pre-sales talk and post-sales talk....you will know how unreliable they are.....think before you put your money in Gera's projects!