Saturday, May 17, 2008

Review of Mont Vert Seville, Wakad - 2 and 3 BHK luxurious flats at an affordable price starting from Rs. 29 lakhs

It is all about not cutting corners, just the price:

For a while, Mont Vert is trying to brand it's flats as a "Resort Homes". Even they had appointed Remo Fernandes, a Pioneer and Exponent of Indian Pop, Rock, Socio-Political Protest, Fusion, Bollywood, Chill-out and Meditative Music in Goa, as a celebrity brand ambassador for their "Mont Vert Tropez" at Wakad.

Mont Vert has stopped using the brand ambassador, which was rated 5/10 on Top Celebrity Branded Real Estate Projects in India, but not the concept of "Resort Homes" and "a resort like ambiance complete with water bodies, exotic landscaping".

Mont Vert claims to develop same in "Mont Vert Seville". Good thing is you can visit Mont Vert Tropez and check! The layout of the project, for me, does not look like a resort. It's typical.

Mont Vert Seville Wakad Layout Plan
If you discount the resort type of a ambiance, then what is left is - designer tiles, stylish glass shower cubicle with a massage jet, French windows! I think they realized this. And to look property price attractive, added 25 years free membership to Club 29, an exclusive lifestyle Club.

Amenities and Specifications:

Mont Vert does not believe in Specifications. They have a list of Amenities - Internal Amenities and External Amenities. It's usual list. I do not say this. Mont Vert has said shower cubicle and massage jet are the only unique specifications in the flat.

But remember, the French Windows are in the dinning and kitchen only. They are for better view and ventilation, that's good. But what about the resort like ambiance? I was expecting French Windows in Living and Bedrooms too. If something like this comes to your mind, do what i did. See the elevation of Mont Vert Seville!

PCMC and Banks' Approvals:

Most impressive feature of the floor plans is - PCMC' Plan approval and work commencement certificate number: BP / Wakad / 20 / 08 Dated 25/02/2008

It also tell us the vision of the builder Mr. Jayant Kaneria. Considering plan approval and work commencement certificate 'process' takes a month or two, these plans were designed in the second half of 2007. It means an year ago,in 2007, Mont Vert knew what would be the property rates in May 2008. And since 2007, they were trying their best to break the upcoming price barrier in Pune real estate market! This is very impressive. Flying French Kisses to you sir!

Mont Vert (Seville) shatters real estate price barrier

Project is approved by Private Sector Banks. ICICI, HDFC and Kotak Mahindra. APF Numbers are given on the website.

It is all about just the price:

What is not there is the property rate and the quotation of the flat. Mr. Mont Vert, isn't property rate your selling point? Look what Kumar Properties' Megapolis has done. Real estate price is there on the website.

Are Resort Homes like this?

Mont Vert Seville Floor Plan

Sorry, i haven't been to any resort so i don't have any idea about resort homes. But i know, some thinking is involved in the planning. This thinking is the concept of the project.But at Mont Vert Seville, sorry, i didn't find any. Of course, i do not mean to say there isn't any concept. It must be there. But i was looking for something more than fitting maximum flats in the FSI on hand. If you could find even a glimpse of "strategic planning and smart techniques", please let me know in the comments.

I think, now, i should let you choose your flat. Mont Vert Seville has 12 story 8 buildings. I couldn't count exact number of flats. No wonder, number of buildings, flats or size of the project is not mentioned on the website. Actually, there is no exact description of the project. What is described on the website is not there in the planning!

Mont Vert Seville known that Wakad is 3 Kms from Hinjewadi IT Park. But do they know, i wonder, what IT stands for? I have heard, Mont Vert is weak in abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms!

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  1. I have booked a 2 BHK unit. I was at the launch on 18th May Sun. I think leaving aside the resort theme (as you mentioned) which we have to wait and see upon completion, they have done a decent job in bringing the size down and therefore the total cost.

    Consider this as a decent regular project and not a resort.
    I counted A to H on their display layout. I was told that bldg I and J would come where their temp site office is.
    All families appeared to be middle class so I think we will now see more of these below 30lacs project. In my opinion flat is not too bad perhaps they need to put more details on their website as you suggested regarding the buildings but I did find the plans with area on them. But no cost info
    I think they should write the price on the website.

  2. Congrats anonymous for booking 2 bhk! "Consider this as a decent regular project and not a resort." I hope, everybody will look at it like this and go for it! For years, Mont Vert is a favorite builder of the people who value quality and sophistication.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    Why you have blogged about the apartements?? Why you have not reviewed any bungalow plot schemes till now ???

    There is no other person who do so much research like you so that makes you ideal person to research and blog about bungalow/row houses plots schemes.


  4. Hi Ravi:
    Great blog. I am planning to book a 3BHK at Seville. Have you seen the sample unit at Seville? I personally liked it. Please give me your opinion on it. I got the papers verified by a lawyer and he says its all fine.
    Your opinion please.

    Again great blog and reviews. Keep it up.

  5. planning to book congrats! by now, hope you must have booked. sample unit at Seville yes, of course! i am going to blog my visit to sample flat. I happened to meet Mr. Manish Kaneria. We had a free and frank discussion on many important issues. I am going to blog that too. I got the papers verified by a lawyer and he says its all fine. Why did you get the papers verified from your lawyer when the project was approved by the financial institutions? Actually, there was no need. If i had been the sales person i would have convinced you how it is not necessary. I asked Manish Kaneria about this issue too, (because of the one comment on this blog), frankly, i feel little awkward because Mont Vert has a very good reputation in Pune real estate market. I am going to blog his response too. Thanks for the comment and complements.

  6. Dear all buyers, please be careful in buying at these times.
    Yesterday Hindustan Times had this following article; 'Real estate prices under pressure'
    If I am buyer, I would take extreme care and negotiate price "thoroughly", before going ahead.

  7. Hi Ravi
    Your article is really useful to get a fair adea about te project.
    I came across a projects by Tyagi Properties one near Wakkkkad and other near Ambegaon on Katraj Byepass. They look interesting but I am unaware of the credibility of the company and wanted your opinion on the project Grand View 7 and "Windward'
    Nishikant Sane , Mumbai.

  8. Thank you so much for this excellent information. I have used your website often and have told everyone I meet who read this blog and is happy with the services. Thank you again for your existing information and now your exciting news
    Visit At:Lease extension

  9. Hi Ravi - I did go to many projects in Wakad. One thing I do find is the infrastructure is not good. Narrow roads not good shopping arcades etc make me think why should one live here. The area is not even in terms of class of the people. I personally was thinking I would want to face jhuggis and would want to live in a planned area where people around you are at the same frequency level. I do find it is not case in Wakad. What do you think ?

  10. Hi Ravi,
    I am looking for 1bhk flat in pune. I visited two projects at Baner. Builders are telling rate of RS.3150/sqft.
    How much I should negotiate?

  11. Dear Ravi, thank you. We have narrowed down on Seville (not sure about phase 1 or 2 yet, but will decide in this week). In one of your comments, I found you mentioning ...
    "I happened to meet Mr. Manish Kaneria. ... I am going to blog that too".

    Have you blogged this, if yes, is it possible to get the link please.
    I was reading some articles on Dieu- C building and problems with its TDR etc. I know Mont Vert is a reliable name in Pune. But articles on Dieu-C are making me think twice. I wanted to know your opinion (or guess) on will Mont Vert fulfill all the promises (e.g. landscaping, common ammenities, Club 29, all the internal specifications).

    We just want to be doubly sure before taking the loan.

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  16. UUNCHI DUKAAN FINKA PAKWAAN.. mont vert and its crap project mont vert seville is good example.. I'm one of the unfortunate buyers who booked the flat in mont vert. Here are my reviews
    1. The lady sitting in mont vert seville office is big liar. Never trust her words. Regarding the price it is very over priced.

    2. Builder doesn't respect your hard earned money. If you ask for very minor alterations, first engineer will not accept your alterations. After lots of pursuance, he charges lots of money for that. I dont know why builder has the impression that we have rupee printing machine.

    3. On the quality front, tiles are not properly leveled. Sliding windows/terrace doors are of very poor quality. If you have kids in your family, you will have to replace all sliding doors in the first year itself. Size of wash basin is very small. Doors are of poor quality. First time, I've seen that fan points is at the side of hall instead center of hall.. very illogical reasoning engineer gave me if fan had been at the center, it would not have given proper air flow. There are n flaws in flat.

    3. Previously, I had impression that big builder constructs good quality home. But i was very wrong. If you are looking for buying home, I would suggest to book in small builder's project. Atleast that flat is not as expensive as big builder's flat and atleast they try to make customer happy to sustain in market.

  17. The Mont Vert has advertised for a project for Sr. citizens in Pirangut. The plan is of 1bhk flats, the price 33 lakhs. Maintenance of inside and outside premises Rs. 8000/- pm.
    I would like to know what is people's experience of the Mont Vert builders.

  18. Do not buy flat with Montvert as they do not comply with the promises and harass people

  19. They are professional liars. Dont trust the builder

  20. Please do not uy flat at Grand View 7, Ambegaon Pune by trimurti developers. Builder promised a lot but delvered nothing. After 2 years of possession they are yet to provide water connection. Residents have to pay huge amounts for tankers and are suffering. Security is pathetic and there is theft very frequently. Quality of construction is worse. Sales staff talk sweet when you go to buy flat but they becaome rude and abusive once flat is bought.

  21. Hi Ravi
    Thank for your valuable information.

  22. Hi Ravi, I own one apartment in Mont Vert Seville and would suggest you to go and see ground reality there right now. People are living there with so many problems. Club 29 is not yet complete and we are hearing that it won't be complete even next year. It seems like since all the flats are sold, builder is not caring about amenities.

    1. hi Suz,

      What problems were talking about ? Do you think people still have issues there ?

      please help me decide if I should buy resale flat here ?