Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kunal Sancheti Associates's Venezia at Baner continues with the special introductory offer of Rs.3,400 per sq.ft.

Property rate: big secret!

On 26th July '08 a joint development of Kunal Group and Sancheti Associates' "Venezia at Baner" was launched. Full page English ad, in Marathi newspaper Sakal, talked about everything but the property rate. Obviously, i called and called but could not talk to the sales executive. It means, i was not the only one who was trying to find out the booking rate.

Ultimately, when i could talk, the salesman did not disclose the rate on the phone. I should visit the site to understand the pricing, he insisted.

Special introductory offer:

My desire to have "an aura of happiness to the canvas of my life" (please, do not ask me what it means!) motivated me to visit Venezia...a symbol of my colorful dreams...which has come into existence at Baner, opposite Pashankar Auto, on Mumbai Bangalore highway.

When i saw the glass door of the attached toilet in the sample flat, i became very serious. I went into the flash back when watching my spouse taking a bath used to be my colorful dream and i started to unfold the canvas of my life...I had enough time because the salesman was busy in answering the phone calls and inviting the callers to the site to find out the real estate rates of 2 bhk, 2.5 bhk and 3 bhk luxurious apartments!

"Tell me!" the salesman said to me. Before i could open my mouth, he took the next call. "Tell me!" he said to me when he finished that call. "Shut your phone off" i wanted to say but i said, "You tell me. I am here to hear a special introductory offer!"

"Yes! This special introductory offer is only for today and tomorrow!! What are you looking for?" No, i did not tell him exactly what i was looking for...glass walls!

Special introductory offer for a week!

Next weekend, as expected, i saw the ad of Venezia at Baner in the newspaper. I called the site. Phone was not busy. Salesman took the call before the 4th ring. I told him about my site visit on the day of the launch and the special introductory offer. The salesman, not the earlier "tell me" salesman, but the new salesman said the introductory offer is extended for a week! On this week end i can book at the same rate. He invited me to visit the site with my Mrs!

At that point i realized that, i was avoiding to ask my wife about her colorful dreams!

Reduced number of specifications!

Yesterday, on August 25th, nearly after a month, i called the "tell me" salesman on his mobile. Because when i called the site office of "Venezia at Baner," a lady salesperson took my call. She told me that the property rate is the same. I can refer to the quotation i got when i visited the site on the day of the launch.

"Tell me" salesman said, "Yes, the booking rate is the same." "Rs. 3,400 per sq.ft.?" i asked. He said, "Yes! But a few specifications are changed! We have reduced the number of specifications to keep the introductory property rate!" "For example?" i asked. He said, "Modular kitchen and..... "

But i disconnected the phone. I was disappointed. I was 100 % sure, Kunal Sancheti Associates must have canceled the glass door of the toilet!

Please, tell me about the negotiations and discounts!

Tell me, in the comments, did not made a mistake by disconnecting the phone? He, the salesman of "Venezia at Baner," would have offered me a discount if i had visited the site again? What is your experience? Actually, i would like to know, at what property rate bookings are happening in Baner - Balewadi. Please, let me know in the comments.

Palash 2 and Topaz Park were not the only projects to offer the special scheme in Aundh Annex area - Wakad, Pimple Saudagar and Rahatani. There must be quite a few in Balewadi Baner. I am going to blog these offers. So, if you have not subscribed, please, subscribe for free to my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog. To know more about my Pune real estate related blogs, please, visit my Google Group, Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog Group. Instead of writing a comment if you enjoy talking, i am all ears, call me on my mobile 91 98600 44110. First 15 minutes talking is free!

To know more about Venezia at Baner, please, visit www.veneziahomes.com

Email :
Site Address :
Opp. Pashankar Auto, Mumbai-Bangalore Exp. Highway, Baner, Pune - 411 045.
Phone :
+91 - 20 - 32402200
91 93730 12020 / 91 93255 71010 / 91 93254 02020
Office :
Opp. Kamla Nehru Park, Off. Bhandarkar Road, Pune - 411 004.
Phone :
+91 - 20 - 30223022, 30223033


  1. I heard from my friend that Gayatri builders at baner (bravuria) is giving "deep" discounts to Infosys people who are booking flats there. The advertised rate is 3300 but he is booking flats at 2600 for Infosys people. Anyone heard about this? Anyone knows if he is offering disounts to all and pretending as if he is giving it to only Infosys people? Has the rate in baner come down that much?

  2. Baner rate is hardly 2800 today, that to at start of negotiations.

    It can go down by another couple of hundreds easily as of now if one does peoper negotiations.

    However, I still think buying even at 2500-2600 in Baner is good thing to do as asset bubble is slowly bursting and rates are expected to come much below, by 30-40% of current values at least. So waitng is good option to follow as of now.

  3. I meant buying even at 2500-2600 in Baner is NOT good thing to do as asset bubble is slowly bursting

  4. yeah..i agree with you...days of hyped prices are now over..those who have bought at 3000+ rates anywhere in pune are now seeing what it means of a ruined budget and constant fear of defaults...people are scared to buy even a 25 lakh flat..so forget about 3400 rate, thats not even a distant dream now..i think baner prices are at most worth around 1700-2000 for new projects and much lesser for resales..

  5. Any idea about Balewadi rates?

  6. There is new project Palak Park in Balewadi, Pune.
    He is offering 2/3 BHK flats @ 2700/- .
    Is it advisable to buy or wait to further it down?

  7. Palak Park?

    Palak Park, a Residential Project comprising of 2/3 BHK luxurious terrace flats with modern amenities located at Balewadi, by Palak Park Construction.

    Site Address : Balewadi, Pune.

    Contact "Palak Park Construction"
    Address : Balewadi, Pune.
    Telephone : +91-9422360251

  8. Bravuria?
    Bravuria - A Resiential project by Gayatri Builders.

    Bravuria, a residential project comprising of luxurious 2 & 3 BHK flats, located at Balewadi.

    Site Address: S.No. 15, Baner-Balewadi Road, Balewadi, Pune-45.

    Contact : Gayatri Builders

    Address: S.No. 15, Baner-Balewadi Road, Balewadi, Pune-45.
    Telephone: 91-9325965814 , 9325965807

  9. So any feedback on Bravuria?
    I think even 2800 may be good as it appears realistic compared to ComfortZone as 3600 psf.

    Any further waiting may give further benifit but will affect the choice also.

    I feel It's a matter of 'real need' and affordibilty. Any price will be a good price if it gives benifits 'in time'.

  10. 3400 in Baner ? LOL.

    I could not stop myself laughing.

    In Baner, people are hardly there to pay even 2600 rate and this guy talks about 3400.

    Great ! Pune realty is in the shit and still developers are trying to put a brave face. But this will not be the case for long run as real losses are on the cards for builders if they don;t reduce the rates drastically now to open up the sales. Else they will simply go bankrupt .

  11. Amit enterprises - Sapphire Park - has quoted Rs. 3200psf.. Is it worth ?

  12. what's the rate at Rachana Associate's Bevely Hills project @ Baner

  13. I personally do not think that Venezia or whatever stylish name it has is worth 3400 per sqft. First of all it is very near to the highway and there will be lot of noise. The hill whatever they say does not matter for me at all.

    Anyone having any idea about apostrophe and it's builders ? Please let me know.

  14. Ravi or someone - can u please help me?

    I would like to know what's the rate at Rachana Associate's Bevely Hills project @ Baner

  15. # ref:"I would like to know what's the rate at Rachana Associate's Bevely Hills project @ Baner"

    Hello Dinesh! At 7:52 AM i can not confirm today's rate but i can give you this link - Achalare and Rachana launches Technopolis at Baner in Pune

  16. If you get property in 2200 -2400/Sq. feet range then you should go ahead with it. It's 2 years old price range when i booked the row house in Pimple saudagar.
    look for the room sizes and also check if there is any discount for parking lot and amenities.
    Builders will never come openly for the discounts but you can negotiate with them at much lower rate.


  17. Hi manish,

    I do not think paying 2200 is a wsie decsiion in area like pimple saudagar.

    This area has no civic amneties so far to justify so high prices. Plus, there is a concrete jungle everywhere, with just one access road which is too narrow.

    I think prices for this area should not be more than 1600-1800 right now. In fact with slowdown woes and buyer sentiments, it can go down even below this in months to come but right now not much than 1600-1800. If you pay more now, you are certain going for a loss.

  18. Hi Ravi,
    Thanks a lot for your excellent log. This is really helpful. Ravi, do you have any idea about Basant Bahar project on Baner pashan link road? If I am buying a new flat, what is a decent per sq foot rate? It will be really nice if you can provide some information on this. Thanks a lot.

  19. Bravuria - Palak - Saphire - Bevely Hills .. what great names.. go on..
    why dont pune builders try their luck in US or Europe..maybe they find some buyers instead of waiting in Baner Balewadi stadium..

  20. Yes, I think Venezia is over priced. It is very close to noisy highway and rates are high.

    On Sus Road which is abt 1 KM away you get better flat @3000 to 3200 even today.

  21. Any good flat available around Rs/- 2500/- per Sq. ft.in Baner area?

  22. Hi Friends,
    I have booked a flat in Baner 2 years ago. Its opposite Pashankar Auto and not too close to the highway(approx 2 Kms away). I booked it for 2600 per Sq ft. Its still under construction (85% complete).
    I am working abroad and not planing to move there for atleast 3 years.
    I would like to get some advice on this property.
    Should I keep it or sell it for 2600 per sq ft now? What is the prospect for Baner Balewadi in future?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. My feeling

    Currently you can get a flat below 2300/- in Baner so just imagine for a flat which is far off from Baner.

    Moreover..worst is yet to come!

    Also nobody knows how far the upcomimg constructions can deliver on the schedule committed.

    So stay cautious!

  24. Ravi or someone can you please help..

    What is per square feet rate for pashan-sus road property e.g Venezia at this time?

  25. Booked flat in Venezia at 2710 psft.

    Pls follow this link: http://www.indianrealestateforum.com/pune/t-venezia-baner-opposite-pashankar-auto-4773.html