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Nandan Prospera Baner - Why should you visit this newly launched project in Pune real estate market?

To know more about Nandan Prospera, please, visit

Nandan Prospera, near Sadanand Hotel, Baner Pune, was launched on last Saturday, 22nd August 2009. You can visit my "Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog" to read the news.

Since the launch ad was very attractive, while writing that blog, i thought that i should give some idea about the required budget for a 3 bhk flat in Nandan Prospera.

However, when i visited the site, understood the concept, had a look at all 4 sample flats, and found out about the future plans of Nandan Buildcon Pvt. Ltd., i realized that it's worth to visit Nandan Prospera even if you are not interested in a 3 bhk flat for 60 -70 lakhs.

Have a look at slide show of the photographs i took on Sunday and 3 reasons to visit Nandan Prospera Baner. To know more about the project, please, visit

Why should you visit Nandan Prospera Baner:

1) Passionate and committed builder:

First reason is simple and personal. As we always like to share, recommend and talk about the stuff we like with our friends, i wish you should visit the project done by the builder whom i admire most. I know Mr. Shamkant Kotkar, Chairman and Manging Director of Nandan Buildcon, promoters of Nandan Prospera Baner for last 10 years. I admire him for his passion for building better homes and his commitment to his property buyers.

On Sunday, when i visited Nandan Prospera Baner, i saw Shamkant Kotkar welcoming his old clients, personally supervising that visitors are looked after well. I am sure, you will like to buy a property from the builder who is personally accessible and responsible.

All over the site, in the persons and in the sample flats, Mr. Shamkant Kotkar's passion for creating good homes was clearly reflecting. In general, i observed that visitors were in appreciation mood. While asking questions, there was no distrust and the tone was less critical. I know well that you like to deal with a reliable builder, so i thought, if you visit Nandan Prospera you will be happy to find one.

2) Planning, performance and value for money:

Nandan Prospera is based on certain principals. At Nandan Prospera Baner, these principal are actually demonstrated. In the slid show, you can see that construction is at such a stage that you don't have to imagine, you can see it. I am sure, you prefer to see the actual flat than the over glamorized sample flat and get the idea of actual layout of the entire project. Irrespective of the budget and the property rate, we look for value for the money. By visiting Nandan Prospera, i am sure, you will be happy to find one builder who is trying his best.

3) Nandan Buildcon in Aundh, Baner, Wakad, Kothrud and Chakan in Pune:

Nandan Buildcon is well known in Kothrud and Aundh. You may know their Vatsalya Vihar in Aundh or Vatsalya Puram and Vatsalya Nagari in Kothrud. Starting with Nandan Prospera, Nandan is going to launch projects in Wakad, Chakan, Baner, Aundh road and of course, in Kothrud. These projects will be in different brackets of budgets. For example:
1) Wakad: Nandan Inspera: Township of 500 flats of 800 to 1100 sq.ft.
2) Chakan: Nandan 1: Township of 3,500 flats.
3) Aundh Road: Nandan Festiva: High budget scheme of 4,000 sq.ft. flats.
4) Kothrud: Nandan Exult and Vatsalya Nagari 2.
Point is, it is worth to visit Nandan Prospera even if you are not interested in it. Right? After visiting Nandan Propsera, please, share your views in the comments. Comments Policy

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  1. What are the rates per sq ft at Nandan Prospera, now that you have visited it?

  2. After reading first point under "Why should you visit Nandan Prospera Baner:" I gave up reading and thought that I wasted my precious time.

    All the best Ravi!!! Keep writing such funny posts....

  3. Kishor: I visited the site/sample flat(2 BHK). Quality is good but area is too less. They have combined Living & dining together which dosn't match with the standard of 2BHK flat. Living space for 2BHK is same of old 1 BHK. They have invested/wasted their money in so many unwanted things (like sending messages if you have left your gas on....etc) and missed the basics(like space to keep shoe rack). Overall its good who are very rich and unable to decide where to invest there money.