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Hello! I am Ravi, Ravi Karandeekar. The real estate salesman who has stopped selling and started helping property buyers to buy a home in Pune real estate market.

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You will agree with me that sharing information, exchanging views and free - frank conversations on my blog will help you to take the right decision about buying a home and investing in Pune real estate market.

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"Ravi Karandeekar, Are you a social worker?" or
"Are Pune builders paying Ravi Karandeekar to promote their residential real estate projects on the web?"
Some of you ask me all the time. So, let me confess;

I am professional blogger. Not a social worker. Not Pune builders but, you, my readers - Pune property buyers - pay me!

Thanks to you and Google AdSense for making it possible for me to put to use over 15 years of my experience in Pune real estate advertising, marketing and sales!


  1. Hi Ravi,

    I am interested in 2 BHK house for living purpose, although I can wait up to 18 months for possession. My preferable area’s are those from where I can commute to Hinjewadi comfortably (i.e,10-15 kms) and in worst scenario can travel to other part of city.

    I have read a lot about you and definitely looking of your valuable help to narrow down the search to get good project and ready to pay for it.


  2. Basis your endorsement, went to checkt eh Eco Vally Project. Very bad and pathetic experience ...rude and arrogant men and this special treatment only directed towards women The sales manager was forthcoming and helpful to a male enquirer. Do you seriously think women are not capable of buying flats. He refused to share the rate details, refused to give any details...very evasive as if trying to do con-job on women buyers. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS WOMEN BUYERS. THE whole experience was a poor show of character and lack of class.

  3. Ravi I am buying a redevelopment flat this is a registered society and I am buying directly from a Member of this society, the possession is due in August 2017. I have seen the building site and the work going on in full swing, the builder/developer is currently paying rent of rehousing all the Members of this society. I need advise from you as to what I shall look for and pitfalls if any. I am worried. Will I have to get a indemnity from the Member/Seller that he has no outstanding loans on the flat and that he is Solvent etc. Please advise. This will be my first home.

  4. Ravi please advise on pitfalls of buying a flat in Redevelopment Society from a Member directly. Building work is in full swing.